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The following 90210 episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
By Accident 90210, Season 1 42:13     See Preview/Download
     Adrianna comes to terms with her decision about her baby and leans on Naomi and Kelly for support while also revealing the baby's daddy. Details
Games People Play 90210, Season 1 42:28   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Upon seeing Annie and Ethan kissing, Naomi decides to take matters into her own hands to get back at Annie for her deceit. Details
Hello, Goodbye, Amen 90210, Season 1 42:38     See Preview/Download
     When Debbie, Harry, Annie, Dixon and Sean spend the evening playing games, Annie overhears a phone call with Sean that raises suspicion. Details
Help Me, Rhonda 90210, Season 1 42:31     See Preview/Download
     Adrianna reveals her pregnancy to the baby's father and is shocked by his parents' handling of the situation. Details
Hollywood Forever 90210, Season 1 42:14   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Annie and Ethan are paired up to take care of a baby as part of a class project and the experience causes them to see each other in a new light. Details
Life's a Drag 90210, Season 1 40:01     See Preview/Download
     New episode. In an attempt to get close to Liam, Naomi offers to be his math tutor, but she gets more than she bargains for when he takes her out for a wild night. Silver takes a class assignment a little too far when she creates a video that documents her love for Dixon. Details
Love Me or Leave Me 90210, Season 1 42:13     See Preview/Download
     When it comes to parenting, Debbie and Tabitha don't see eye-to-eye and their personalities continue to clash when Tabitha surprises Annie and Dixon with a new car. Details
Lucky Strike 90210, Season 1 38:59   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Annie and Dixon's Friday night plans come to a screeching halt when they learn that Harry and Debbie have planned a family bowling night. Details
Model Behavior 90210, Season 1 40:23   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Brenda, Kelly, Ryan and Harry confront Adrianna about her growing problems, but Adrianna denies being on drugs. Details
Of Heartbreaks and Hotels 90210, Season 1 39:44     See Preview/Download
     Naomi, comfortable with her new living situation, is immediately taken by Liam, a hot bartender at her hotel. Details
Secrets and Lies 90210, Season 1 41:33   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Harry and Debbie inform Annie and Dixon about Harry's son that was given up for adoption nearly 22 years ago. Details
That Which We Destroy 90210, Season 1 42:38   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Still in shock from the surprise arrival of their half-brother, Sean , Annie and Naomi put their arguing aside long enough to process the news. Details
The Bubble 90210, Season 1 40:47   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Harry reveals that West Beverly's theater director is no longer able to direct the school musical, "Spring Awakening," prompting Tabitha to offer her services as the new director, much to Annie, Harry and Debbie's surprise. Details
There's No Place Like Homecoming 90210, Season 1 42:32   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Annie prepares for her driver's test and works out a plan with Ethan so they can attend the Homecoming dance without officially making it a date. Details
We're Not In Kansas Anymore / The Jet Set 90210, Season 1 1:22:00   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     On their first day at West Bev, Annie and Dixon encounter Ethan, the star lacrosse player she met a few summers ago; Naomi, the spoiled rich girl whose sole focus is her Sweet Sixteen party; Silver, the free-spirited girl who later gossips about Annie on her blog, and Navid, editor of Blaze News. Details
Wide Awake and Dreaming 90210, Season 1 39:12   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     As opening night of "Spring Awakening" nears, Annie and Ty have had a chance to spend a lot of time together and Ty reveals his plans for a one-on-one after-party in his hotel room. Details

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