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The following CNN Presents episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
Dirt Track Warriors CNN Presents 41:53 2006-07-01  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     With 800 tracks in 49 states, 30 million fans, and a billion dollars a year in revenue, dirt track racing is the biggest sport you've never heard of. Details
Wounded Warriors CNN Presents 40:30 2006-05-27  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     "CNN Presents: Wounded Warriors" offers a rare glimpse at the medical care U.S. troops are receiving in Iraq. Details
Taming the Beast: Inside the War On Cancer CNN Presents 42:33 2005-08-14  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Cancer is the number one killer of Americans under 85. Details
Homicide In Hollenbeck CNN Presents 41:41 2005-04-10  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Anderson Cooper goes inside 15 square miles of Los Angeles terrorized by 34 different gangs, where death is a constant menace and gangsters rule the streets. Details
The Fight Over Faith CNN Presents 42:19 2004-10-24  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     What does it mean to be an evangelical in America. Details
Infidelity CNN Presents 39:36 2003-12-20  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Is it okay to cheat? Surveys show a rise in infidelity -- and the taboos against it seem to be fading away. Details
Fountain of Youth CNN Presents 39:21 2003-11-09  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The extreme medical procedures used to keep us looking young. Details
Fit to Kill CNN Presents 40:22 2003-10-25  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Personal accounts of soldiers from World War Two to the recent war in Iraq. Details
Captured: Inside the Army's Secret School CNN Presents 41:20 2002-08-10  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The U.S Army's Special Forces train extensively for combat. But they also train for the possibility of being captured by the enemy. Details
Fat Chance CNN Presents 39:03 2002-05-04  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Americans are fat and getting fatter, and the health implications are growing along with us. Details
Carrier At War CNN Presents 41:16 2002-01-27  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     It's got its own post office, hospital, communications nerve center, its own airport dozens of it's own planes and thousands of residents. It's a city-at sea -- the carrier USS Stennis. Details
Wasted CNN Presents 41:31 2001-08-19  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     A look at the most abused substance in the world, alcohol. Details

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