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The following CSTV 101 episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
Sugar and Spice CSTV 101 00:30 2006-03-17  Free  See Preview/Download
     This spot features all the excitement of women's college sports. A hard-driving song proclaiming that "little girls" are made of "sugar and spice and everything nice" runs under fast-paced video of dunking, slamming into boards, spiking balls, and more. Details
The King of Spring CSTV 101 00:30 2006-03-17  Free  See Preview/Download
     This graphics-heavy spot declares that college lacrosse is "The King of Spring." Goals, hits, and celebrations highlight the idea that each team enters the season with their eyes on the crown, but only one is the true rightful heir to the throne. Details
CSTV Fight Song CSTV 101 00:30 2006-03-16  Free  See Preview/Download
     This spot introduces CSTV through entertaining highlights and music authentic to college sports. Details
Father and Son CSTV 101 00:30 2006-03-16  Free  See Preview/Download
     This aspirational spot highlights the special bond that college sports creates within a family. Details
Megaphone Georgia CSTV 101 00:30 2006-03-16  Free  See Preview/Download
     In a similar concept to Megaphone Notre Dame, we now find two men using their schools megaphones to play the Georgia fight song. Details
Reporter CSTV 101 00:30 2006-03-16  Free  See Preview/Download
     This spot exemplifies student-athletes' playing for the love of the game and the positive impact college sports has on you. Details
Megaphone Notre Dame CSTV 101 00:30   Free  See Preview/Download
     Once it's inside you, it never goes away; it will always be a part of your makeup. An elderly man standing at the 50-yard line holds up a megaphone with the Notre Dame emblem on it. Details

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