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The following Corkscrewed: The Wrath Of Grapes episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
Parades, Parties and Pioneers Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes, Season 1 21:47 2007-01-10  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     While Ken handles the American Idol auditions in Memphis, Nigel attends Pioneer Day in Paso Robles and finds out the true meaning of being a beanster. Details
The Grape Escape Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes, Season 1 22:13 2007-01-03  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Nigel and Ken see the damage that wild boars have done to their vineyard and call for drastic action. Details
Sweet Dreams or Sour Grapes? Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes, Season 1 22:18 2006-12-27  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Ken and Nigel finally meet the man who cancelled a major contract to buy their fruit. Can they convince him they are serious about the wine business? Details
A Crushing Blow Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes, Season 1 21:47 2006-12-20  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Having vowed to take matters into their own hands Nigel and Ken head for Pasa Robles to try to turn their fortunes around. Details
The Wine School Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes, Season 1 22:23 2006-12-13  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Ken and Nigel enroll in a crash course for running a winery. Meanwhile, gophers and squirrels are getting into the vineyard. Details
All Fired Up Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes, Season 1 22:07 2006-12-06  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     While temperatures soar, Nigel and Ken hold a crisis meeting to try to decide what to do about their troubled vineyard. Details
Deal or No Deal? Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes, Season 1 22:18 2006-12-06  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Nigel and Ken have bought their Vineyard, but their new investment is in serious jeopardy. Details
To Buy or Not to Buy? Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes, Season 1 22:12 2006-11-29  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     American Idol executive producers, Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick decide to buy a Vineyard. Details

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