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Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
Art Dilbert, Season 2 21:55   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert creates a blue duck on his computer and from his innocent drawing the art world is turned upside down. Dilbert becomes a famous artist with women falling at his feet. The Boss and the others at the company market The Blue Duck across the nation and Europe so that it is the hottest art craze around. Dilbert is kidnapped by some art thugs and taken to their lair where he meets Leonardo D'Vinci and other artists. They confront him with their disappointment in the turn the art world has taken and vow to put an end to The Blue Duck. The craze ends when The Boss embarrasses himself on national television while wearing a Blue Duck T-shirt. And, the world begins to rebel against The Company's art creation. Details
Charity Dilbert, Season 1 22:32   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Driven by the need for a new plaque to cover up a dead fly stain on his wall, the Boss has volunteered to chair the "Associated Way" charity drive. Of course he has no intention of doing this himself and appoints Wally as charity coordinator. Participation is strictly voluntary, but the t-shirt you are given upon donation emblazoned with "I Get To Keep My Job" is just added incentive. Everyone has gotten into the charity mode (the collecting of it, that is) -- including Dogbert who has formed his own personal charity, "Canine Apathy." (Meanwhile, the Boss has asked Dilbert to pick up the plaque at the charity banquet and his speech hits a nerve when he asks the simple question "just where does your money go?" And, in a strange twist of fate, Dilbert must perform an act of charity on the Boss -- and it doesn't even cost him anything). Details
Company Picnic Dilbert, Season 2 21:57   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     It's company picnic time again and the engineering department is desperate to beat marketing in the annual softball game. The Boss introduces the Crapulets team from engineering to the Company Hall of Fame hoping to end their losing streak against the MarketGurus. Practice is awful and Dogbert becomes the team's new coach. With Dilbert pitching, the team might have a chance. Dilbert's personal incentive comes from a new girl in marketing, Juliet. She and Dilbert flirt with romance while the guys from marketing discourage it in Romeo and Juliet fashion. The boss accidentally poisons the MarketGurus with discount wieners he brought for the picnic. Dilbert eats one to be with his love, only to find out she hasn't eaten any. Dilbert gets his stomach pumped while the marketing guys brainwash Juliet to keep her away from Dilbert and the rest of those engineers. Details
Elbonian Trip Dilbert, Season 1 22:15   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert, Alice, Wally and the Boss go to Elbonia, a third world country, which is covered in mud, where their factory is located to manufacture Gruntmasters. They discover the working conditions are horrendous, as the "Right" people have been horribly exploiting the Lefties, who they believe to be inferior because they are left handed. Dilbert tries to help the Lefties rebel, but is arrested and sentenced to death, while Alice tries to save the babies from the assembly line. As attempt after attempt to execute Dilbert fail, Dogbert, who is diplomat of Elbonia, makes himself dictator, and then frees Dilbert and meets the demands of the Lefties to improve their working conditions. Details
Ethics Dilbert, Season 2 22:02   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert is in charge of a new voting system project for the government. He creates an Internet Voting Network allowing people to vote from their own computer at election time. He expects it to produce the highest voter turnout ever. Dilmom is upset with this because without it, senior citizens were the only people who took the time to vote. Now elections might actually be fair. Dilbert also gets harassed by various lobbyists who want him to manipulate election results in their favor. He considers rigging the next election so that he can hook up with an attractive tobacco lobbyist named Ashley. Dilbert reverts to the influence from an ethics class The Boss makes the gang sit through. He doesn't influence the vote. A fake candidate, Hairyass McGee, is elected because only kids know how to work the network. The senior citizens can't figure it out, and end up not voting at all. Details
Holiday Dilbert, Season 1 22:31   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert is sick and tired of the holidays and feels they have all become a big waste of time. Dogbert has the solution. He goes to Congress under the auspices of the APWDBUD (The Association Of People Who Drink Beer And Use Dynamite) and convinces them to vote on consolidating all holidays into one -- National Dogbert Day. The idea has its merits until Wally is on the brink of suicide (he used to be able to spread his depression out amongst all holidays) and Dilbert realizes that he misses the true spirit of the holidays -- even with all their crassness, craziness and commercialism. Details
Hunger Dilbert, Season 2 22:04   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert invents what he thinks will end world hunger -- the Tomeato. And, he knows the perfect place to test his invention: the third world country of Elbonia -- where his foster child lives. So, Wally and Dilbert set out for Elbonia with the Tomeato in hopes that they can cure the country of its famine. But, when they get there, they are shocked to see that the country is not in a famine at all. In fact, they are very well fed. The whole country eats mud. Mud that tastes like chocolate to be specific. And, Dilbert also discovers that his starving foster child is in fact not only not starving, he is also not a child. He is the richest, and shortest, man in Elbonia. Dilbert is not discouraged, however, and he finds a use for his Tomeato afterall. Several Elbonians begin to use the Tomeato as a building brick and it holds up quite nicely. Details
Testing Dilbert, Season 1 22:30   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     It is now time to test the Gruntmaster, and the legendary and jaded Bob Bastard is brought in to put the prototype to the test. The first test is the test of seismic activity, and the second is the test of high temperature endurance, both of which the prototype fails, much to Bob's satisfaction. Alice and Wally are completely under Bob's spell, so it is up to Dilbert to make sure the Gruntmaster passes its final test, which is the asteroid crash simulation test. Meanwhile, Dogbert has joined the space program and is on the space shuttle. From space, Dogbert is able to destroy the asteroid before it hits the Gruntmaster and Dilbert and Alice push the Gruntmaster out of Bob's way. Dilbert is able to stamp the prototype approved, as Bob's spaceship crashes to earth. Details
The Assistant Dilbert, Season 2 22:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When the executives discover that the engineers know there are other jobs available, they decide to promote Dilbert and show the employees that they really can have a "career" at the company. The problem is that Dilbert doesn't want to be a manager, so they give him an assistant instead. Alice is peeved to learn that Dilbert has an assistant and she doesn't, so she gets Catbert to appoint Asok her assistant. This leads to a duel between the two assistants, who are both fired in the end while Dilbert goes back to being an engineer. Details
The Competition Dilbert, Season 1 21:57   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When rumors of competition in the field reach Dilbert, he is forced to push up the deadline on the Gruntmaster 6000. The Boss decides they need to increase security, so their progress is not leaked, and puts Dogbert in charge of the new extensive security. Dilbert is suspected of being a traitor and fired from his job, so he takes a job with the rival company. At his new job Dilbert has his own office and is surprised by how smoothly things run. Dilbert innocently suggests a marketing department, which ends up destroying the rival company, and he gets his old job back, minus the extensive security. Details
The Delivery Dilbert, Season 2 22:02   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert sees the picture of his ultrasound and can't believe his baby looks like a bowl of fruit. Dogbert and Garbage Man suggest he sell his story to the tabloids, but Dilbert remains skeptical. However, when Dilbert tells the Boss he is pregnant, the Boss threatens to fire him if he has the baby. Dilbert and Dogbert decide that going to the tabloids is the only way Dilbert will be able to support the baby if he loses his job, so Dilbert tries out for a TV talk show and somehow ends up getting a makeover on Regis and Kathie Lee. Since he didn't get paid much for his story on TV, Dilbert then decides to write a book. He goes to see a literary agent who brings him to a place which actually creates news and is surprised to find Dogbert there! They decide to do a news show on Dilbert. Details
The Dupey Dilbert, Season 2 22:02   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Fast food restaurants are advertising "The Dupey" free with a meal. But, Dilbert discovers that The Dupey doesn't even exist. Then he is informed that his company is marketing the imaginary item. The Boss puts Dilbert in charge of creating The Dupey to go with the existing marketing campaign and Dilbert invents the cutest little Dupey, a mechanical baby that learns to walk, eat, etc. at an accelerated rate. The world goes crazy for the little tikes and all seems great for The Company until the Dupeys begin to morph into an ugly, advanced life form. The Boss thinks that the only way to rid the planet of the Dupeys is to eat them. Dilbert, on the other hand, has a plan: one wouldn't eat an insurance salesman, would one? So, turn the Dupeys into insurance salesmen. Details
The Fact Dilbert, Season 2 22:04   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dogbert writes a book claiming pepper is a miracle herb that cures Chronic Cubicle Syndrome. Dilbert witnesses Dogbert making the entire thing up and is appalled when people start falling for his claims. Dogbert pushes his book on a talk show and the Boss decides to use Chronic Cubicle Syndrome as their next market opportunity. Dilbert is in charge of developing a product to combat CCS. He reluctantly helps manipulate research to prove CCS exists. Meanwhile, Dogbert is busy creating a Pepper Diet. Dilbert comes up with Shockpants to relieve the syndrome. The guys from Marketing decide to sell the pants as business wear instead of a cure for CCS. The pants become a hit and the Boss has a great time shocking his employees with his control panel. The pants start killing people and everyone blames Dilbert. Details
The Gift Dilbert, Season 2 22:12   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     It's Dilmom's birthday and Dilbert must get her a gift. Dogbert suggests that Dilbert go shopping at the mall, but an unspeakable event in Dilbert's childhood has him afraid to set foot in that horrible monstrosity known as The Mall. But, the only thing that Dilmom wants for her birthday is something that left their lives years ago -- and it was left at The Mall. So, a petrified Dilbert bucks up and heads out OT shop. When he gets there, along with Dogbert, Wally and Asok, they encounter the mall Tribesmen, a shabbily dressed group of people who live, eat and do everything at The Mall. Details
The Infomercial Dilbert, Season 1 22:26   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Much to Dilbert's horror, he finds out the Boss has already shot an infomercial for the Gruntmaster 6000 and has sent the machine out to a family for field-testing. The family, an incredibly dumb one from the depths of rural Texas, has no idea that they have in their possession a machine that could annihilate the entire solar system. As Dilbert travels to Texas to track down the Gruntmaster, the Boss develops psychic powers and his staff become his groupies. Dilbert's worst fears are realized when a Black Hole develops in Texas slowly engulfing the entire state. Dogbert travels to London to ask the help of renowned scientist Stephen Hawking. It is Hawking who helps put everything back in perspective -- fortunately saving the world from ultimate destruction. Details
The Knack Dilbert, Season 1 22:28   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When Dilbert was little, he has was diagnosed with "the knack" for technology by the garbage man disguised as a doctor, which ensured his career as Details
The Little People Dilbert, Season 1 22:28   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert arrives at work to discover that someone has been in his cubicle, rearranging his stuff and using his computer. Later, the Boss coaxes Wally, Alice, and Dilbert to go to the dry-erase meeting with the promise of free food, but when they get there the food is all gone. After the meeting, Dilbert receives porn magazines for little people and also discovers that all the dry-erase markers are missing. When, Dilbert, Alice, and Wally stake out Dilbert's desk to catch the marker thieves, they discover it is a group of tiny engineers, who have been literally downsized. They all have colored noses because they have been sniffing the markers. Meanwhile, Dogbert has organized an armed posse and they all see the little people partying beneath the floor. Finally, Dogbert turns off the telecommunications hub, so the little people can no longer order markers, and he decides to sell them as toys. Details
The Merger Dilbert, Season 2 21:58   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When the company is unexpectedly faced with a surplus of 20 billion dollars, the Boss decides a merger with a less efficient corporation is the only way to unload the money. Dogbert decides to broker the deal with the only company willing to merge, a group of aliens whose idea of synergy is sucking the brains out of their new employees (literally). Meanwhile, Alice is less than thrilled at the mud bath Catbert has given her to alleviate her synergy-induced stress. Dilbert stops the merger when he takes the alien CEO on a tour, whereupon he eats the "bad brains" from the marketing department and gets sick. Details
The Name Dilbert, Season 1 21:53   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When Dilbert wakes up, with Dogbert's help, after another night of having the egg dream, he discovers he isn't the only one to have had this dream. His fellow employees, Wally and Alice, tell Dilbert about a guy, Chicken Man, who turned into a chicken after he was put in charge of a project that he was unable to name. After the dismal failure of the throat lozenges, Dilbert is put in charge of a project to come up with a new product. As the project hits one snafu after another, Dilbert's reactions begin to increasingly resemble those of a chicken. Dilbert finally comes up with the name Acorn, only to discover that the word had caused serious embarrassment for the vice-president during his childhood. He is forced to use Dilmom's suggestion to name the product, and they settle on the name Gruntmaster 6000. Details
The Off-Site Meeting Dilbert, Season 2 22:01   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When the company is sued by a "tree-loving" society, the Boss suggests an off-site meeting at Dilbert's house. The problem is that Dilbert's obnoxious neighbors, the Pierponts, have adopted an elephant and built a huge wood pen for their new pet above Dilbert's house. During a rousing ice-breaker game of paint ball, the tree lovers' leader kills the elephant and destroys Dilbert's house in the process. Dogbert saves the day by blackmailing the tree lover for killing an extinct animal and has Dilbert's house switched with the Pierponts (who are conveniently out of town). Details
The Pregnancy Dilbert, Season 2 21:48   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert makes a small model rocket to find other traces of life in space. When Ratbert accidentally pushes a button, it launches the rocket, which then detects alien life and takes samples. As it comes back to earth, it crashes into the unfertilized eggs of a surrogate hillbilly woman (for a dying billionaire), a cow and a s***m bank, stocked with engineers' s***m. The rocket then crashes into Dilbert's house and into his buttocks. When Dilbert is in the hospital, the doctors discover he is pregnant, but Dilmom and Dogbert keep the news from Dilbert, who is oblivious to the changes going on with his body. Dilbert starts to become more feminine -- he carries a purse, styles his hair and pays attention to his wardrobe. When he tells Catbert he has been feeling different, Catbert says he thinks Dilbert has become a woman. Details
The Prototype Dilbert, Season 1 22:24   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When Dilbert, Alice, and Wally are working on a new prototype, they realize they are competing against the notoriously ruthless Lena to come up with the best idea, and the losers will be transferred to the dreaded Albany. Lena seduces Dilbert in order to steal his idea of a skin depruner, while Wally joins Lena's team. The crowd embraces Lena's depruner, until Dogbert points out that it causes impotency, so Dilbert's team wins. Their prototype, the Gruntmaster, an exercise machine, ends up killing Lena, and it is unanimously decided that it was a fate better than moving to Albany. Details
The Return Dilbert, Season 2 21:59   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert turns to the Internet in search of a new computer. He has it delivered to the office to impress the other engineers. His idea backfires when the Boss signs for it and it turns out to be an outdated model instead of the state of the art system he had ordered. He runs into problem after problem while trying to return it. He finally finds out the location of the company, Comp-U-Comp, and heads straight there with the computer and the gang from work. They discover that the company is run by a big computer. It tells the group it will not exchange the computer unless Dilbert agrees to a competition to determine whether humans or computers are superior. Details
The Security Guard Dilbert, Season 2 22:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert and the security guard at his office building exchange some hostile words and before they know it they have made a bet: They will change jobs for one day. If Dilbert loses, he gives up his house. If the security guard loses he gives up his borrowed car. So, the two set out to switch jobs and Dilbert soon realizes that the job of security is a lot tougher than he thought. When he stumbles on an illegal casino in The Company's offices after hours, he almost blows it in the "security" department, until he pulls the fire alarm in order to clear the building. Details
The Shroud of Wally Dilbert, Season 2 21:53   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert has a short death experience and is disappointed to learn that the afterlife is nothing but a cubicle. Also, it's Wally's birthday and the office gang brings out the "Birthday Kit" which includes a tablecloth on which Wally wipes his chocolate filled face. When The Boss is looking for a time capsule to put into the unmanned space rocket that The Company is launching, he has Asok use the Birthday Kit. But, the rocket is a disaster and it crashes almost as soon as it is launched. And, as it breaks up over the atmosphere, the Birthday Kit crashes down right in the middle of a self-help seminar. When the mindless drones get a glimpse of Wally's chocolate image on the tablecloth they are certain that he is the divine one -- and the tablecloth is named "The Shroud of Wally" Details
The Takeover Dilbert, Season 1 22:24   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When Dilbert discovers Wally reading Dogbert's investing book, the two get involved in an elaborate stock buying charade orchestrated by Dogbert, and wind up owning a controlling interest in their own company. Wally and Dilbert attend a board meeting, where the board members attempt to determine how to lose more money and Dogbert becomes CEO. Dilbert proposes the idea of flex-time, where employees make up their own schedules. This causes a mass exodus form the workplace and the company loses all its money. Wally sells both his and Dilbert's stock before the prices go back up, so they are left with nothing, unlike Dogbert, who now owns the company. Details
The Trial Dilbert, Season 2 22:02   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The day starts out innocently enough: The Boss is driving to work while listening to a self-help tape and so enraptured is he that he runs over several people and generally makes a menace of himself. Meanwhile a blood drive is taking place at work and Dilbert is the only suitable candidate to drain. So, after giving many, many pints of blood, Dilbert tries to drive home -- seriously impaired by his lack of bodily fluids and is arrested. While he is driving home, the blood drive nurse and the Boss, who has now arrived at work, drop, ALA water balloon style, a bag of Dilbert's blood on some unsuspecting workers below. This, in turn, sets up Dilbert's DNA as being at the scene of a crime, even though he didn't sniper off the workers he is accused of killing. Dilbert is sent to prison and while there organizes the prisoners into a model group of efficiency thugs. And, Alice, engaged to a prisoner on death row, attends her wedding, only to pull the electric switch after saying "I Do." Details
The Virtual Employee Dilbert, Season 2 22:02   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dilbert addresses the problem of his overflowing cubicle, but discovers there is nowhere in the office to trash the obsolete equipment he and his coworkers have acquired. They decide to venture through the building to find an unused cubicle to stash their trash. However, when they find it they are so overjoyed that Loud Howard inadvertently lets out the secret to nearby workers who wonder what the fuss is about. Dilbert's gang save their storage space by inventing Todd, a new employee who will occupy the cube. They do work for Todd to keep the cover and he gets promoted while Wally gets fired. They agree the cube isn't worth the change Todd has brought to the office, so they plot to "kill" him. Boss overhears and turns them in. Just as Dilbert is about to be put away for life, Wally impersonates Todd and saves the day. They all have a party to praise Todd and his contribution to the office. Details
Tower of Babel Dilbert, Season 1 22:11   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When a cold epidemic hits the office, Dilbert realizes the importance of his own office, with a door, in order to stop the germ spreading cycle. The cold soon leads to mutations, as employees sprout new limbs, and the Boss decides, with Dogbert's prompting, to build a new office building. Dilbert gets himself put in charge of the new building, to ensure that he gets an office with a door. Dilbert works very hard on the new building, even accommodating all the new needs of his mutant employees, and finally completes it. Loud Howard's voice causes the whole building to crumble to the ground, but not before the Boss decides to it is too expensive and they must return to their old building. Details
Y2K Dilbert, Season 1 22:31   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     With the year 2000 rapidly approaching, the employees discover that the computer mainframe, known as Black Betty, will break down when it becomes 2000. Dilbert is put in charge of fixing this problem, and Wally, who was there when Black Betty was installed, does not remember how to access the mainframe. Reminiscent of "The Wizard of Oz", Dilbert, Alice, Asok, Wally, and Dogbert go to see Catbert for help. Catbert's suggestion is to hypnotize Wally, which Dogbert quickly sets about doing, and Catbert also gives them a list of recently fired employees, who can help them. Dogbert successfully hypnotizes Wally to regain his memory. With the help of Zimbu, the monkey, Wally is able to access the mainframe of Black Betty and avoid the technological breakdown of the new millennium. Details

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