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The following Factory episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
Builtgood Screwcutter 5000 Factory, Season 1 21:46   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     During a presentation of a new machine at the factory, Chase ends up cutting off one of his fingers. Details
Camping Factory, Season 1 22:38   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Gary and Smitty participate in Career Day at the local middle school, where they are outshined by Steve, a local butcher. Details
Model Employee Factory, Season 1 21:49   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The guys are dismayed when they learn that one of their co-workers was chosen to appear in the 2009 "Blue Collar Boys" calendar, and beef up their efforts to stay sexy. Details
The Drug Test Factory, Season 1 21:49   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When the boss finds a bag of marijuana in the locker room, management brings in two drug counselors for an interrogation. Details
The Lemon Factory, Season 1 21:49   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Gary decides to buy a used car that won't even make it out of the parking lot. When told he can't return it, the guys help him plot to get his money back. Details
The Pilot Factory, Season 1 21:49   Free  See Preview/Download
     Guys compete for a new position while sabotaging each other's efforts. Details

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