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Taekwondo Human Weapon, Season 1 44:45 2007-12-27  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travel to South Korea, birthplace of one of the most acrobatic and physically punishing fighting styles in the world, Taekwondo. Our hosts travel to ancient fortresses, break marble slabs, and learn an insane arsenal of jumping, flying and spinning taekwondo kicks. They'll serve as bodyguards protecting a VIP from potential attack, and channel the fighting spirit of an ancient band of Korean warriors. It's all in service to their ultimate challenge: a full-on Tae Kwon Do battle with a former World Champ. Details
Ninjitsu Human Weapon, Season 1 44:46 2007-12-14  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jason Chambers and Bill Duff venture back to the Land of the Rising Sun to study one of the most mysterious, subversive, and deadly martial arts in the world - Ninjutsu. From the electric streets of Tokyo to the misty mountains of North Japan - our hosts will wield the swords, throwing stars, and violent takedowns of the Ninja. They'll explore the secret passages of a 300-year-old Ninjutsu barracks, and hone the secret fighting tactics of Japan's immortal shadow warriors. And it's all in preparation for one ultimate challenge: a back-to-back showdown with two Ninjutsu masters. Details
Passport to Pain Human Weapon, Season 1 44:19 2007-12-07  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Thirteen countries. Fourteen fights. Hundreds of body slams, groin shots, and even a few laps around a Cambodian village on the back of a Water Buffalo, join the ultimate quest to experience the greatest martial arts the world has to offer. It hasn't been easy. In fact it's been downright painful. Recount the nastiest fights, toughest fighters, weirdest encounters and wildest training from Season 1. See how hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff have earned their "Passports to Pain". Details
Silat: Martial Art of Malaysia Human Weapon, Season 1 43:45 2007-11-23  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Few martial arts match the exoticism of their country like Silat. Beautiful, yet deadly, Silat was born in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Practiced in secrecy for centuries, and with its strong ties to Islam, Silat is one of the most intriguing and least understood fighting systems on the planet. Now our hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff are going to face the world of Silat--and their fears--head on. They'll train in sweltering outdoor training the shadow of the world's tallest twin towers...and jump through rings of fire in preparation for the ultimate test--a pitched battle against six Silat masters. Details
Cambodian Bloodsport Human Weapon, Season 1 43:44 2007-11-16  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Bred in dark jungles of Southeast Asia, Pradal Serey is a devastating striking art of bone shattering kicks and punches. This ancient fighting art of the mysterious Angkor Empire, some argue that it's the forefather of modern Muay Thai. It's little known outside Cambodia's borders. From gritty urban fighting pits to the sweltering jungles of the north, hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff, journey into the heart of Pradal Serey to perfect the vicious strikes of this brutal martial art. Along the way they'll race water buffalo against natives in a 1000 year old village festival and learn the ancient killing techniques of Khmer warriors. Their journey culminates when they enter the ring to battle it out against a 4 time Pradal Serey champion. Details
S***o: Russia's Extreme Fighting Human Weapon, Season 1 44:41 2007-11-09  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff journey to Moscow, Russia, the origin of one of the most versatile and deadly martial arts on the planet. Created at the instigation of Vladimir Lenin during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1918 to improve the hand-to-hand combat skills of the military and the police, the secret self-defense training eventually spread to the masses and became an official, competitive Soviet sport in 1938. In their quest to learn this complex and lethal fighting style, our hosts will learn S***o street techniques from some of the toughest bodyguards in Moscow, travel to acclaimed dojos for instruction from world champions, journey to a secret military facility to train with Soviet Special Forces, and participate in a brutal exercise regimen in a remote, rustic camp. Their journey ends with a fight against an up-and-coming S***o competitor at the annual European and Russian S***o Federation Championship. Details
Kung Fu Human Weapon, Season 1 44:30 2007-10-19  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff journey to China, home to one of the oldest and most famous martial arts of all; Kung Fu. From Beijing to the Great Wall, our hosts will travel this vast country learning techniques from some of the greatest living masters. After practicing flying kicks fifteen feet in the air at a kung fu film studio and learning the brutal moves of the Chinese police, our hosts will arrive at one of the most sacred sites in all martial arts to witness the awesome feats of the Shaolin fighting monks. And finally one of the hosts will step into the ring to take on a true kung fu champion. Details
MMA: America's Extreme Fighting Human Weapon, Season 1 44:41 2007-09-28  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in the United States. Though many think of it as a recent phenomenon, the moves used by today's great MMA fighters date back hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years, and come from every corner of the globe, from Japan to Brazil and Greece to Thailand. Hosts Bill Duff and Jason Chambers explore the unique world of the American MMA phenomenon, its current success and its fascinating history. They will train with the sport's greatest masters and explore the history of the most successful moves used by these champions, eventually facing off against a skilled MMA fighter in a real exhibition match. Details
Marine Corps Martial Arts Human Weapon, Season 1 44:46 2007-09-21  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Hosts Bill Duff and Jason Chambers travel to Quantico, Virginia to get a painful lesson in the combat style that has helped spawn the Marines' widely feared reputation. They'll shoot, clash, and kick their way through the Marine Martial Arts Program, the Corps' self-invented fighting program that borrows over 180 deadly moves from ancient martial arts around the world. Along the way, they'll learn how Marines used their hand-to-hand combat and bayonet skills to defeat four German divisions at the Battle of Belleau Wood in France during WWI; how an elite unit known as the Marine Raiders fought their way across numerous Japanese islands during WWII; and they'll hear firsthand how Marines are putting their combat skills to the test in Afghanistan and Iraq. Details
Krav Maga of the Israeli Commandos Human Weapon, Season 1 44:46 2007-08-31  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travel to Israel to study one of the deadliest and most effective hand-to-hand combat systems in the world. Specifically designed for the Israeli Defense Forces in the 1940s, Krav Maga is dirty, anything-goes fighting style that is used to disarm and destroy assailants carrying multiple weapons. Our hosts journey to some of the most sacred religious locations in the world as they learn to escape deadly chokes, deflect weapons, and perfect ruthless counterattacks in their quest to become true human weapons. Never before have our hosts learned a martial art that is not only physically demanding, but also a combative necessity in this war-torn country. Their journey ends with a fight against an entire unit of elite-level Krav Maga professionals. Details
Pankration: The Original Martial Art Human Weapon, Season 1 44:50 2007-08-24  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff plunge into the cradle of civilization, Athens, Greece, to explore what some thing is the world's original mixed martial art. Literally translated as "all powers," Pankration is the ancient Greek art of hand-to-hand combat. Nearly four thousand years old and made famous by Spartans and ancient Olympians, Pankration has recently been revitalized as a modern sport. One that Jason and Bill will experience firsthand. From back alley gyms to the oldest standing fortress in all of Greece, our hosts immerse themselves in the origins of wrestling, boxing, grappling and kickboxing and come to understand why Pankration has inspired art and literature and martial arts for centuries. At the end of their journey, one of them will face the ultimate test: a legal Pankration match with a World, European, and six-time national champion Pankration fighter--a true HUMAN WEAPON. Details
Judo: Samurai Legacy Human Weapon, Season 1 44:51 2007-08-17  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Our hosts, Jason Chambers and Bill Duff, are in Japan to explore the techniques and history of Japan's national art of hand-to-hand combat: Judo--the science of the Samurai. Derived from the bloody battlefields of feudal Japan and jujutsu fighting styles of the samurai, judo has an illustrious past of deadly skills and honor. Along their journey, our hosts travel through the towering metropolis of Tokyo and the Samurai capital of Kyoto. They'll train with an elite police force and journey to the mountaintop hideaway of legendary master, the descendent of a 400-year-old line of samurai. Details
Savate Streetfighting Human Weapon, Season 1 44:50 2007-08-10  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff are in France, to study the combat art of Savate. Literally translated to mean "old boot," Savate developed through necessity. In the early 1800s, violent street gangs looking for trouble ruled the Parisian underground scene. Their prey was the aristocratic class who, to protect themselves, began taking self-defense classes. Over the years this training evolved into modern Savate - an exacting combat sport, and also the official hand-to-hand assault system of the French RAID police. Details
Karate Human Weapon, Season 1 44:51 2007-08-03  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travel to the island of Okinawa, Japan, the birthplace of one of the most deadly hand-to-hand combat arts in the world, Karate. Our hosts will journey across this legendary island, learning all aspects of the martial art Okinawans created to help battle invading Samurai warriors over 400 years ago. Details
Eskrima Stickfighting Human Weapon, Season 1 44:02 2007-07-27  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travel to the island nation of the Philippines, where the indigenous fighting style, Eskrima, was formed. From ancient forts in Cebu City to a modern military base in Manila, our hosts will learn the stick and knife techniques that were used to kill famed Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan in the 16th century and to destroy the terrorist organization Abu Sayef in the mid 90's. Details
Muay Thai: Ultimate Striking Human Weapon, Season 1 45:11 2007-07-20  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff journey to Bangkok, Thailand, home to one of the world's most distinctive and devastating martial arts, Muay Thai. After witnessing beatdowns and knockouts at legendary Lumpinee Stadium, they'll travel across the country perfecting the moves of the fighting style known as The Science of Eight Limbs. Details

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