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Abdullah I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:35   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Tony gets a shock when he finds Jeannie holding a baby. Then he learns she is minding Abdullah, her infant nephew, while his parents are on a belated honeymoon. Jeannie leaves to take over her brother's duties and Tony is left with the baby. To cover up, Roger tells Dr. Bellows a cold is keeping Tony at home. Hearing Roger's description of the symptoms, Bellows is sure Tony has developed Patagonian flu and rushes to examine him. Tony really feels sick when the doctor orders him into the hospital for observations. Roger takes over the care of Abdullah. Sally, one of Roger's girl friends, thinks the baby is his, and slaps him. Details
Always On Sunday I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:14   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony tells Jeannie it's too bad every day can't be Sunday. Feeling Tony is overworked, Jeannie blinks and it becomes Sunday. She tells a horrified Tony it will be Sunday until he is rested. Then she sends him on various vacations, on one, he finds himself playing tennis with Pancho Segura. When Tony orders Jeannie to turn off Sunday, she retreats into her bottle. In desperation, Tony tells Dr. Bellows the calendar has stopped. Bellows relays Tony's wild conclusion to Gen. Peterson. Jeannie decides to leave because everything she has done to please Tony, has turned out wrong. Learning Jeannie has gone, Tony realizes it will always be Sunday. Details
Anybody Here Seen Jeannie? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:21   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     After telling Tony that be and Roger Healey have been tapped for a historic two man space probe, scheduled to blast off the following week. Dr. Bellows asks him to report for a final checkup. When Tony asks Jeannie to return to her home, Jeannie asserts that since Tony freed her from the bottle, she belongs to him. She adds that she can give him a space capsule of his own. Tony tells Jeannie if he fails tomorrow's test, he will not go on the flight. Details
Bigger Than a Bread Box nd Better Than a Genie I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:22   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Madam Zolta, a fortuneteller, impresses Roger with her knowledge of his past. Roger introduces Tony to her and she greets him with an amazing amount of information about himself. Invited to a seance, Tony investigates the methods used by mediums. This involves him in a series of incidents with Dr. Bellows and General Peterson, which leads Bellows to believe he might need a vacation. Forbidding Jeannie to attend, Tony goes to the seance with Roger, followed by Dr. Bellows. When Madame Zolta produces Tony's non existent uncle and aunt, he knows she is a fraud. Details
Biggest Star In Hollywood I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:03   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Tony and Dr. Bellows leave for Hollywood on NASA business. Gary Owens and George Schlatter of Laugh In see Jeannie pop in and out of a mirror as she waves goodbye to Tony. Roger overhears them ask Jeannie to appear on their show and immediately takes over as her agent. He convinces Jeannie to go along with his plans so she can impress Tory as a Hollywood celebrity. At the hotel in Hollywood, Roger tries to keep Tony from meeting Jeannie, whom he has billed as "Princess Anitra." However, a news photographer snaps them together in a corridor at midnight.. Tony convinces Bellows he was sleepwalking, but worries when Judy Carne shows him the picture. Details
Divorce, Genie Style I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:15   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie resents Tony's praise of Mrs. Bellows' cooking and housekeeping and wants to show she's just as good. She asks Haji, master of the genies, to take away her powers. Reluctantly he agrees -- for one week. Mrs. Bellows hears Tony discussing Jeannie, who is trying her hand at keeping house. With no magic power, everything is a mess. Tony comes home to starched pajamas, boiled steak and ruined uniforms. When Jeannie complains that Tony doesn't appreciate her, Mrs. Bellows assumes they are married. She thinks Tony is a rotten husband and resolves to help Jeannie get a divorce. Details
Djinn and Water I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:17   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie gets involved with the law when, invisible to everyone, she attempts to drive Tony's car. Angered, Tony orders her to leave. Jeannie is aware that Tony has been studying the desalinization of seawater. Playing for time, she tells Tony her great grandfather solved the problem. Tony asks to meet her great grandfather and Jeannie goes to get him. Tony phones Leslie Staples at the Department of Agriculture and tells him he is on the verge of converting salt water to fresh. Jeannie returns with her great grandfather, Bilejik, who proves that he can produce fresh water from salt water. Tony returns to find Bilejik, Jeannie and a policeman is front of his house. Bilejik has been causing all sorts of trouble with the neighbors. While resolving the matter, Tony discovers that Bilejik has used seeds as a filter. After Bilejik leaves, Tony jubilantly reports to Staples. Staples tells him that these seeds are from a plant extinct for almost two thousand years. Details
Djinn Djinn, Go Home I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:36   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Mrs. Bellows falls in love with a stray dog at Tony's house. While she is in the garage, the dog suddenly becomes invisible and attacks Tony. He dissuades Mrs. Bellows from taking the dog home while he seeks its owner. After the dog turns on Tony and Roger, Jeannie explains it is her own Djnn Djinn, who tracked her all the way from Baghdad. Tony yields to her please to keep the dog. At NASA as Dr. Bellows inquires about the dog for his wife, Djinn Djinn, invisible, bites Tony again. Jeannie suggests that Tony walk the dog to make friends with it. When Djinn Djinn pops out to chase a cat, the Bellows meet Tony dragging an empty leash. Mrs. Bellows decides to take the dog and Tony worries what will happen if Djinn Djinn vanishes before her eyes. Details
Dr. Bellows Goes Sane I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:33   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Dr. Bellows sends General Peterson a report noting every strange incident in Tony's career. Incredulous, Peterson feels that Bellows has lost his mind. He orders Dr. Corbett, a young psychiatrist, to take over Dr. Bellows' post. Tony is worried that Corbett, adept at using every new method, will learn the truth. Tony appeals to Jeannie for help to prove that Bellows is sane. Everything they do only convinces Gen. Peterson that he's been right about Bellows. Trying once more, Tony has Jeannie become Dr. Corbett's secretary, with instructions to drive him crazy. Details
Everybody's a Movie Star I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony learns he is to appear in a film documenting a day is the life of an astronaut directed by Allen Kerr, a famous Hollywood producer. Roger gets into the act. Kerr wants to see Tony's home but Tony makes excuses that it's being redecorated. Kerr insists and Tony alerts Jeannie. She fills it with wild patterns and Tony introduces her as the decorator. The next day, Jeannie, as script clerk, times the action with an hourglass as Kerr directs. Roger spoils every scene. Kerr tells Dr. Bellows that Roger is the world's worst actor. He adds that Tony could be great in Hollywood. Overhearing, Roger thinks Kerr is talking about him and goes completely "Hollywood." Details
Fastest Gun In the East I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:15   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Watching a TV western, Tony longs for the days when a man had to be strong to survive. Jeannie blinks and Tony finds he is a U.S. Marshal in a frontier town. Confronted by a bang of outlaws led by Bull Welch, Tony is saved by Horace Sedgewick, the town banker. In the town jail Tony finds Eddie Sheridan. He tells Tony he has been framed for murder because he and his beautiful sister, Georgia, refuse to sell their ranch to the "Unholy Ten." Jeannie, now a dance hall girl, helps Tony face down the mob, but when Georgia kisses Tony for protecting her brother, Jeannie gets jealous. Details
Fly Me to the Moon I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:10   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Roger and Tony are disappointed when they find that Sam, a chimpanzee will make the first flight to the moon. Learning this, Jeannie changes Sam into a man working around the base. When Sam jumps into Tony's arms and cries that he won't go back in the cage, Tony and Roger realize Sam is the missing chimp. To keep his human form, Sam runs away. Tony and Roger find him in a tree, determined to stay there until the capsule goes up. Even if they capture Sam, they can't change him back into a chimp. Tony tries to reach Jeannie by telepathy at the beauty parlor. When she finally phones Tony, he orders her to turn Sam back into a chimp. As the beautician distracts Jeannie, her blink goes wrong and Tony turns into a chimp. Details
G.I. Jeannie I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:24   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie gets jealous on discovering hat Tony has a sexy new secretary. Claiming to be a better one, Jeannie insists on joining the WAAFs and taking over the job. Remembering that his friend, Roger Healey, told him that all new WAAFs are being sent overseas, Tony agrees to help Jeannie to join. To her horror, she is sent to San Antonio for basic training. Jeannie has a series of disastrous try outs in different job categories, in spite of her insistence that she wants assignment as Captain Nelson's secretary when she becomes a WAAF. Details
Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie?, Pt. 1 I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:14   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     As Tony and Roger prepare for a vacation in Rome, a packing case is delivered to NASA. Dr. Bellows tells Tony it contains a safe filled with experimental equipment, due to be sent to the moon. Then Jeannie arrives. Tony hears someone coming and orders her to disappear. She pops into the safe and is accidentally locked in. She tries to turn into smoke, but still can't get out. Tony and Roger work frantically to free her, until they find the safe will explode if anyone tampers with it. They realize they need a professional and head for the Pink Horse Bar. After some dickering, Charlie, the bartender, introduces the Professor, best safecracker in the business. Meanwhile the safe, with Jeannie inside, is moved. Details
Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie?, Pt. 2 I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony thinks Jeannie is locked in a safe bound for the moon, but Roger reports it is still in the warehouse. They panic when they find it. The thieves stop trying to open it when they hear Jeannie's watch ticking. Tony and Roger go back to the Pink Horse Bar. Charley phoned NASA, sure he will be paid well for the safe's return. Thinking it on the way to the moon, Dr. Bellows feels he's a crank and tells him to blow it up. Annie, a pawnbrokers buys the safe for $10 and phones NASA. Bellows tells her to junk it. The Professor settles for Tony's $25, hoping to get the safe back from Annie, but she reports it is on the way to Harry's scrap yard. Details
Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie?, Pt. 3 I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie refuses her wicked sister's offer to free her frog the safe in return for Tony. Jeannie II switches Tony's assignment for one in the Middle East. Tony is glad, feeling he can get help from Habib, chief of the genies, who lives in Bagdad. Jeannie panics when Dr. Bellows reports that this safe is due for another moon shot. As Tony dickers with local guides at the bazaar, Jeannie II, heavily veiled, whispers she will take him to Habib. Then she blinks him into a bird cage in the harem and tells him she will free Jeannie in a few years. One of the girls changes Tony smoke that pours out of the cage, but Jeannie II recaptures him. Dr. Bellows reports that Tony reached Bagdad, but is missing. Details
Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie?, Pt. 4 I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     After Jeannie has been in the safe for four weeks, she tells Tony that a genie locked up for a full moon belongs to the one frees her. Tony panics when Dr. Bellows reports that Dr. Wedemeyer, a demolition expert, is coming to open the safe. Tony sends Roger to delay him. Dr. Bellows assigns Roger to fly Wedemeyer. Tony buys all of Joe's ice cream and his bicycle cart. He paints the safe white, switches it for the ice cream case and persuades Joe to pedal it to his house. After a harrowing trip, Roger loses Wedemeyer, a nervous European, 100 miles away. Wedemeyer gets a lift and arrives at the blockhouse where the safe was stored. Tony convinces him it was moved to avoid an earthquake and to come to his house to open it. Details
Get Me to Mecca On Time I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:12   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie finds her strength and power to perform magic weakening. Tony makes her promise to rest during the day. At the base, Roger, pointing to an astrological chart in a magazine, tells Tony his horoscope shows a gorgeous brunette will enter Roger 's life. Tony questions his belief in such nonsense. Later, Jeannie phones Tony and tells him she seems to be vanishing by degrees. Then she pops into his office. Reading Roger's magazine, she tells Tony it is the Day of the Ram, on which every Genie and her master must pilgrimage to Mecca, and standing in a precise spot, repeat the Sacred Words. Tony refuses to take her seriously, but begins to wonder when Roger introduces him to Diane, a beautiful brunette. Tony and Jeannie take off for Mecca. Details
Guess What Happened On the Way to the Moon? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     To test man's ability to survive on the moon, Captain Anthony (Tony) Nelson, and his fellow astronaut, Captain Roger Healey, are ordered to spend a week, in Furnace Canyon, Nevada, 100 degrees in the daytime, 10 below freezing at night. Except for water, they are to live off the land. Jeannie hides in Tony's canteen. Tony tries to make Jeannie understand that she is destroying the value of the mission, but she sticks with him. While Roger barely survives, Tony has every luxury, from food and a harem tent, to a final ride on a camel to finish the journey. Dr. Bellows is baffled to find that while Roger has lost twelve pounds, Tony has gained five. When Tony tries to explain Jeannie's presence, Dr. Bellows concludes that he has the imagination men need to survive on the moon and recommends Tony for a more arduous test, Operation Extinction. Tony tells Jeannie he is taking her with him, but imprisons her within her bottle, determined to go on the mission alone. Details
Happy Anniversary I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 24:58   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie wants to celebrate the first anniversary of meeting Tony on the desert island where they met. Preparing for a space flight, Tony forgets the date. Annoyed, Jeannie makes his capsule land on the island, where Tony finds a bottle. He pulls the corn and an enormous Blue Djinn appears, vowing to kill his, rescuer. Jeannie is not able to help, because the Blue Djinn is the most powerful of all. Jeannie takes Tony's suggestion and blinks them back to Cocoa Beach but the Blue Djinn, follows. Frightened by Tony's T.V. set, the Djinn agrees to leave, but his terror disappears when Roger shows him how it works. Tony tricks the Blue Djinn into turning into smoke, and s***s him into the vacuum cleaner. Details
Have You Ever Had a Genie Hate You? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:45   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Jeannie's wicked sister gives her two flasks of magic lotion a white one for love, a blue one for hate. She directs Jeannie to sprinkle a few drops of the white on Tony for herself. A few drops make Jeannie hate Tony and she pops him into the oven. As the flames roar, Roger stops by and dabs on some of the blue. Jeannie throws herself into Roger's arms declaring her love for her new master. Roger makes her pop Tony out of the oven but she warns she'll put him back if he even speaks her name. She blinks him under a guillotine then relents, but freezes his blood. Tony disrupts a conference by complaining of cold and frostbite, although, its 90 degrees. He explains its Operation Deep Freeze to Dr. Bellows. Roger makes lists of luxuries. Tony speaks to Jeannie again and is encased in ice. Details
Have You Heard the One About the Used Car Salesman... I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:39   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Unable to start his car, Tony calls Jeannie to help. She knocks over a lamp post and a policeman gives Tony a bunch of tickets. Jeannie blinks them to a TV studio where Tony tapes an interview show, "The Hot Seat". They meet Dr. Bellows and his wife and her cousin, Homer. Tony introduces Jeannie as his cousin, and Homer immediately moves in. Unable to fend him off, Jeannie embroils Homer with a coffee machine, leaving him drenched,. She pops over to Tucker's Car Lot to have Tony's car repaired but Tucker persuades her to sell it for $400. At the Bellows' home, everyone watches "The Hot Seat," sponsored by Tucker. Jeannie finds a price tag of $1699 on Tony's car. She ruins Tucker's pitch on TV by exposing him as a cheat. When the Bellows and Homer see Jeannie on TV, Tony and Roger wreck the set. Details
Haven't I Seen You Someplace Before? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:52   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Jeannie gives Roger one birthday wish. Unwittingly Roger wishes he could change with Tony, who is set to fly Trailblazer One. From then on, Tony and Roger inhabit each other's bodies, although each has his own voice. Mrs. Bellows has a confusing meeting with Roger. Unable to phone Roger, Tony and Jeannie go to the Officers Club. On his wife's report of her strange encounter, Dr. Bellows picks up Roger at Tony's house. Tony, as Roger, has difficulties at the Club, first with the Maitre D', and then with one of Roger's girlfriends. Jeannie blinks up a bloodhound to find Roger. Dr. Bellows feels Tony has been working too hard. Roger looks into a mirror and suddenly remembers his wish. Details
Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 24:53   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony and Roger are glad to help Mrs. Bellows with the Hospital Benefit Hall when they find dozens of beautiful girls will be there. Roger has always been crazy about Bootsie Nightingale, the glamorous movie star, who will be the featured attraction. Bootsie is cool to the idea until Sam, her manager, describes the great publicity when her engagement to an astronaut is announced. Sam asks Dr. Bellows to assign an escort for Bootsie and he picks Tony. To fool Jeannie, Tony describes the terrible time he'll have with Bootsie, a "broken-down old actress." Jeannie sees Bootsie and changes Tony's voice to a strange falsetto. Bootsie rejects Tony and Sam seizes on Roger as escort. Details
How Do You Beat Superman? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:18   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     With the football season in full swing, Tony is constantly glued to the TV set. Jeannie realizes she must do something to get his attention and decides to make Tony jealous. Tony just scoffs when Jeannie reports she met a handsome stranger, Tony Millionaire, at the supermarket. Jeannie blinks and Tony Millionaire appears, a superman in every way. Although Tony tries to hide his jealousy, he does everything to cool Jeannie's interest. He phones Roger, on duty in Alaska., for Jeannie's birth date, to distract her, but fails. Then Jeannie reveals she is engaged to Tony Millionaire. Again, Tony tries to learn the date, but in vain. Although Jeannie hopefully suggests he could forbid her to marry, Tony refuses. Details
How Lucky Can You Get? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony and Roger decide to go to Reno. Roger's vision of becoming a multimillionaire with Jeannie's help disappears when Tony tells him Jeannie is not going with them. Roger smuggles Jeannie along in Tony's briefcase. Arriving there, he asks Tony, unaware that Jeannie is with them, to bet fifty dollars for him. However, Jeannie escapes from the briefcase, and Roger loses the money. Time after time, Roger gets Tony to play for him. Unfortunately, each time he is unable to make contact with Jeannie, and Roger keeps losing. Finally, hoping to make a killing, Roger tells Jeannie to make Tony roll 7's and 11's at the dice table. Details
How to Be a Genie In 10 Easy Lessons I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:11   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony complains that Jeannie is constantly getting him into trouble. She replies she's not had much practice at being a genie. Tony takes Roger's suggestion that Jeannie needs lessors in her craft and buys "The Arabian Nights." Although Tony hasn't read the book himself, he tells Jeannie to use it as a guide. According to the book, Jeannie finds that the genies are always searching for ways to torture or destroy their masters. She tells Tony she cannot follow the book but he orders that she follow it to the last detail. Worried, Jeannie tells Roger Tony will try to get rid of her if she follows the book. Sensing a chance to get Jeannie for himself, Roger tells her to obey Tony. Torment becomes the order of the day for Tony as Jeannie follows the book. He finally finds himself in an open crocodile pit. Details
How to Marry An Astronaut I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:31   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Jeannie's sister, married 47 times, tells her she's using the wrong methods to get Tony to propose. Wanting Tony for herself, Jeannie II pretends she is after Roger and instructs Jeannie to copy her moves to hook him. Wary of Jeannie II at first, Roger succumbs when she grants his every wish. Although Jeannie tries the same with Tony, everything goes wrong. Tony recounts the unpleasant experiences Roger had with Jeannie II in the past, but he proposes to her anyway. Tony agrees to be best man and the ceremony is planned for Dr. Bellows' garden. Details
I'll Never Forget What's Her Name I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:22   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony receives a letter asking him to escort Miss Gordon around Cocoa Beach. Then he hits his head on a door and immediately thinks Jeannie is "Miss Jeannie Gordon", the visitor. Tony falls in love with Jeannie and proposes to her. Every time Roger tries to tell Tony the truth, Jeannie blinks and Roger finds himself in far off places. Roger reports strange ailments to Dr. Bellows. When Tony, still amnesiac, tells Dr. Bellows that Roger thinks he is marrying a genie, Bellows concludes Roger has suffered a nervous breakdown. Details
Invisible House for Sale I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:27   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Tony keeps Jeannie away from the secret island. Roger feels that Tony would have more time for Jeannie if he didn't own his own house. While Tony meets with Mr. Winkler, a new administrator, Jeannie blinks up a "For Sale" sign. Merkle, a realtor, brings Mrs. Winkler but she feels the house is too small. Posing as Mrs. Uppington-Smythe, Jeannie blinks up magnificent additions. Mrs. Winkler calls her husband at Tony's office. Stunned that Winkler plans to buy his house, Tony detains him but he phones his wife to put down a deposit. At home, Tony finds a "Sold" sign. Jeannie pops him into as apartment and welcomes him to their new home. Tony expresses delight at the bikini clad girls at the pool. Jeannie pops them back to the old homestead. Details
Is There a Doctor In the House? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:34   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Dr. Bellows and Gen. Peterson wonder if Tony is ready for a moon trip when be sleepwalks into the office. Roger finds that a whistle puts Tony to sleep and the next whistle wakes him up. Jeannie pops over to her Mama for help and discovers she has put Tony under a spell. She gets Mama to come back with her to remove it. Mama whistles but Dr. Bellows goes to sleep and she falls in love with him. Awakened, Tony says Mama can't have Bellows because he's married. Mama warns Tony to be quiet or she'll put him to sleep for 1000 years. She gives him an exotic necklace against sleeping sickness, which keeps everyone away, because it is garlic. Peterson thinks he's imagining things. Details
Is There an Extra Jeannie In the House? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:24   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Roger keeps Sheila, Dr. Bellows' niece, out long past her uncle's curfew. Dr. Bellows tells Roger he is assigning him to a remote island. Tony forbids Jeannie to call on a cousin from Baghdad to help Roger. Certain Roger has gone for a month, Mr. Billings, the manager of his apartment house, allows Arnie Conway, a magician, and his wife, Myrt, to use the apartment in Roger 's absence. When Roger returns and sees the Conways rehearsing a routine in oriental costume, he is sure, Jeannie has brought her relatives to help him. Then Dr. Bellows tells Roger he is not sending him away. Tony is also sure Jeannie's cousins are helping Roger. Roger, confident of his newfound power, tells Sheila he'll make her uncle head of the medical department and get her a mink coat. Details
Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:06   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     To get her out of his way while he is studying, Tony tells Jeannie to go find someone who needs help. Jeannie overhears Milton and Girard saying all their friends are up the river and she offers to help them. Milton tells Jeannie to use Tony's car, drive to the bank and withdraw some money for his favorite charity. Terrified by the note Jeannie presents, the teller stuffs her bag with bills. Puzzled by the alarm, Jeannie helps the crooks escape. Tony's car is identified as the getaway car and Inspector Conway wants to take him in, but Dr. Bellows intervenes. When Jeannie tells Tony the story, her orders her to get the money and the crooks. Details
Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony insists that Jeannie stop waiting on him. Jeannie takes the sacred oath of the genies to refuse any further request for help he might make. Then Tony is kidnapped by two Chinese secret agents, Wong and Chan, and Jeannie turns down his plea for help. She tells Roger that because of her oath she would lose her supernatural powers if she aids Tony, but agrees to let Roger know what is happening to him. From then on, she pops back and forth where Tony is being held prisoner and informs Roger what progress Tony's captors are making in forcing him to reveal the details of a secret space program. Hearing Roger's reports, Dr. Bellows and General Peterson are uncertain who has flipped his lid. Details
Jeannie and the Marriage Caper I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Although the date hasn't been set, Tony forbids Jeannie to accompany Melissa and himself on their honeymoon. Grover Caldwell, a young State Department attaché, tells Tony that General Stone, Melissa's father, has accepted an ambassadorial post. General Stone announces he hopes to take Tony, his prospective son in law, along as his military side. When Tony expresses his desire to remain with the space program, Melissa, who has been working to advance the marriage date, tells her father she will change Tony's mind. She suggests that Grover replace Roger as Tony's best man. Details
Jeannie and the Top Secret Secret I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:27   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. To celebrate the anniversary of their first meeting, Jeannie surprises Tony by moving the house to Niagara Falls. He has her blink it back and promises to take her out. Then, Dr. Bellows orders him to deliver a film to the Pentagon, travelling secretly as a civilian. Tony asks Roger to take Jeannie out. Suspicious when Tony dresses up, Jeannie overhears Dr. Bellows mention Sgt. Marion. At the airport, Tony bumps into Valerie, a pretty girl. Aboard the plane, he accidentally trips her and she lands on his lap. Jeannie, posing as a stewardess, almost strangles them with their seat belts. Tony adjusts Valerie's chair and Jeannie plunges it back, flipping over all the passengers and then makes him spill a drink on Valerie. Seeing the film chained to Tony's wrist, Jeannie blinks. Details
Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:36   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Jeannie's mother sends some homemade candy called Pipchicks. Tony eats one and has the strength of ten men. Jeannie explains it will soon wear off. Tony takes the Pipchicks to NASA where Dr. Bellows feels marvelous after sampling one and sends it to be analyzed. WAF Col. Finch thinks Tony made the candy and has solved the problem of space food. Although Tony protests he has no recipe, she transfers him to the Dietician's Section to concoct a fresh batch. Jeannie begs her mother for the recipe and gets a ten foot scroll with truckloads of ingredients. When Tony has trouble with the mixture, Jeannie blinks up a burro to stir it. Details
Jeannie Breaks the Bank I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:17   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Because Jeannie has run up a staggering food bill, Tony is unable to join Roger in buying a sailboat. Jeannie goes to the bank with Tony to borrow money for his share. They overhear Wilfred, a bank officer, refuse a loan to a widow until she can produce collateral. When Wilfred checks Tony's Christmas Club account, Jeannie changes the balance to over three million dollars. When Wilfred tries to lend him more money than he wants, Tony questions his refusal of the widow. Misunderstanding, Wilfred makes out a check of a thousand dollars for the widow, and gives Tony the money he asked for. Details
Jeannie for the Defense I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:39   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. In Clarkston, a trap for unwary motorists from the city, Tony brushes Edgar Crawford's car. Crawford pretends serious injury and his wife Thelma, begins to scream. Arrested and put in a cell with a drunk, Tony won't allow Roger to call Jeannie for help. She learns What happened when Roger phones Dr. Bellows. The drunk is incredulous when Jeannie blinks up food and finally whisks the cell back home. Tony orders her to change everything back, but to speed up Dr. Bellows. Crawford arrives at the trial in a wheelchair and Cashman, Tony's attorney, practically joins the DA, Farrow and Judge Miller in convicting him. Tony finally takes over his own defense. Details
Jeannie Goes to Honolulu I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 24:50   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When Tony invites Jeannie along to the North Pole, where it is 65 below, she decides to stay home. Delighted that his ruse worked, Tony heads for Honolulu with Roger. He meets Eleanor, whose father, Gen. Drucker, asks him to be her escort. At NASA, Jeannie learns the truth and pops up at Waikiki, where Tony is lolling with Eleanor. Unmoved by his explanation, Jeannie blinks Tony into an Arctic outfit. Dr. Bellows orders him to take it off but he can't. Jeannie relents and changes it to swim trunks when Tony explains he is on a secret mission. He tells her Eleanor is "Princess Maja," whose father controls mid east oil, and points out "Ali Mustafa," really a mild man named Peter, and "Rubulkien the Deadly," actually Don Ho, the Hawaiian entertainer. Jeannie insists on helping to foil the "kidnappers" and promises Tony will get oil. She blinks and the Bellows find Tony near an oil gusher on the beach. Details
Jeannie or the Tiger I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 24:50   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When Jeannie remarks she hasn't seen her sister in 200 years, Tony tells her to phone. Instead she blinks and Jeannie II appears. Resembling her sister, she is brunette, sexy and sly. Jeannie II reports her master is 80 and has 36 wives. When she sees Tony's picture, she tricks Jeannie into her bottle and takes over. Roger arrives and she assumes he is the master. When he objects to Jeannie's imprisonment, Roger finds himself in the Arctic. Tony is puzzled by the change in his Jeannie and angry when she blinks them into a posh restaurant, ordering him to pay the check. He demands to go home, but Jeannie II blinks them from one night spot to another, ending at dawn in Brazil. Details
Jeannie the Guru I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:33   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Tony finds that his new neighbors are Gen. Schaeffer and his hippie daughter, Suzie. Suzie learns Jeannie's secret and holds it as a threat over Tony. She runs a party in Tony's home and a weird assortment of hippies, with musical instruments arrive. The uproar brings the General to Tony's door but Jeannie blinks. up a Good Humor truck blaring the same music. Leaving for a trip, the General puts Suzie into Tony's charge with orders to keep out Harold, a hip poet. The General returns unexpectedly and Jeannie blinks Harold into a closet.. Harold and Suzie hail her as a guru. Details
Jeannie, the Governor's Wife I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:36   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Jeannie learns that Tony doesn't trust any political candidate and decides to run Tony himself for governor. Finding the living room filled with Tony's campaign posters, Dr. Bellows declares he can't be both a politician and an astronaut. Tony tries to explain it as a yoke and rips the posters off the wall, but others keep appearing. To prove to Roger that Tony could be elected, Jeannie blinks up a peep show machine showing crowds of enthusiastic voters. Seeing himself as Tony's assistant, controlling millions, Roger tries to persuade Tony to run. Tony refuses, despite floods of campaign contributions. Dr. Bellows looks into the machine, but sees only a belly dancer. Details
Jeannie, the Hip Hippie I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:14   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony plans a camping trip, his first vacation in years. Dr. Bellow will be on vacation the same time. Then, Mrs. Bellows decides they can't leave until she finds a replacement for a singing group she had set for a charity bazaar. Bellows tells Tony he can't leave either. Jeannie assures Tony she can provide one. She assembles a group consisting of a music store clerk, a waiter, a bill poster and a magazine subscription salesman. She whisks them into Tony's living room and blinks up musical instruments They protest they aren't musicians, and can't sing. When they try to leave, Jeannie blinks and they sound sensational. Amanda loves it and Bellows orders Tony to start his vacation. Then Jeannie tells Tony to postpone the trip because the boys have an audition. Details
Meet My Master's Mother I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:01   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Worried about Tony's health, Tony's mother arrives to take care of him. Jeannie, hiding behind the inkwell, is stung by Mother's discovery of invisible dust. She tries to make Mother leave by blinking a door into her bed. Mother only thinks Tony remembered she used a bed board. Jeanie blinks up a noisy band and Mother dreams of a parade in Tony's honor. Tony hopes his mother wall leave if she's convinced he is getting along well. Jeannie is angry at Mother's hints that Tony needs a nice girl to take care of him. Dr. Bellows comes to visit, hoping to learn what makes Tony tick. He leaves in a hurry when Jeannie blinks up a room full of fog and Mother declares it's good for the complexion. Details
My Double-Crossing Master I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 25:17   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Tony bets with Roger that Jeannie is loyal and asks her to meet him at NASA. Then, disguised as "Geoffrey Tiffin-Smythe," he tells her Tony was called away. He is shocked when she agrees to lunch with him instead. Dr. Bellows assumes "Geoffrey" is a visiting English psychiatrist and insists on a consultation. "Geoffrey" tells Jeannie he can't lunch with her and invites her to dinner. Dr. Bellows unburdens himself and relates his problems with Major Nelson. "Geoffrey" cites Dr. Freud and advises Bellows not to inhibit Major Nelson. At home, Tony states he's working late. Jeannie replies she's going out with her old Uncle Geoffrey. Details
My Hero I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie tells Tony that a man hit her at the market. Tony insists on being brought face to face with the brute. After Jeannie blinks three times, she and Tony are transported back two thousand years to a Persian market. Tony's blows have no effect on Ali, an enormous brute. Tony is carried off to an auction block and purchased by Princes Fatima. When Tony insists on his rights as a member of the U.S. Air Force, Princess Fatima orders Ali to torture him. Jeannie rescues him after telling Tony she was preparing for her wedding. Tony finds himself surrounded by Jeannie's family, before realizing he is to be the groom. Details
My Incredible Shrinking Master I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:11   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie awakens from a nightmare, feeling something terrible will happen to Tony. She finally tells Tony that she dreamed he was attacked by a cat and her dreams always come true. Later, when Tony explains that he and Roger are searching for a way to reduce the size of missile components, Jeannie touches a rotor and blinks. After she leaves to go shopping, the rotor shrinks and soon Tony himself is six inches tall. When Tony begs Roger to find Jeannie, he puts tiny Tony on the desk near the phone. Then Dr. Bellows arrives, followed by a cat. Details
My Master, Napoleon's Buddy I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:13   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Preparing a lecture on military strategy, Tony wishes for one hour with Napoleon. Jeannie blinks them to the French court of 1803. Seeing Napoleon, Josephine and General Pichegru together, Tony feels he could change the course of history. Tony astounds Napoleon with his forecast of the future. With Jeannie's help, he warns him that Pichegru will try to assassinate him, the Russian campaign will be a disaster, and the imprisonment at St. Helena. Napoleon concludes that Tony is a Russian spy and orders his execution. When Tony is thrown into a cell, Jeannie giants to transport him home at once. Tony, however, is determined to prevent the Russian debacle and the defeat at Waterloo. Details
My Master, the Author I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:11   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony complains that he has no free time because Jeannie waits him to spend every spare moment with her. Roger suggests he find Jeannie a hobby, but she turns down all his suggestions, until she mentions that she could write a book on raising children. Tony gets her to start immediately. Jeannie sends "How To Be A Fantastic Mother" to a publisher under Tony's name. She begins to worry when Tony reports that an astronaut is in trouble for waiting an unauthorized article. When Dr. Bellows reads the author's statement that he can transform the most incorrigible child into a lovable human being, he brings his young nephew Richard for treatment. He warns Tony that if he doesn't succeed, he'll accuse him of writing a fraudulent book. Details
My Master, the Doctor I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:15   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Roger is to have an operation. After telling Jeannie he always wanted to be a surgeon, Tony finds himself masked and gowned in the operating room. Learning Tony's identity, Roger tells Dr. Bellows he doesn't need the operation. Still masked, Tony tells Dr. Bellows he is Dr. Rasch A Houn. Bellows feels he has met him before. Jeannie, garbed as a nurse, appears and turns the hospital upside down. Dr. Bellows tells Roger Dr. Rasch A Houn is to operate on him. Tony tells Roger he'll get out of performing the operation by pretending he must fly to London on an emergency call. Dr. Bellows tells General Peterson he feels Tony is posing as Dr. Rasch-A Houn. Peterson insists that Tony be unmasked. Details
My Master, the Ghost Breaker I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:15   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     James Ashley, a lawyer, informs Tony that he has inherited an English country house. Tony, Roger and Jeannie find its 300 years old and falling apart. The electricity is out and they go to bed by the light of candles, but are soon awakened by wailing and clanking chains. When a mirror shatters and Roger is rocked out of bed, Tony thinks its Jeannie. As she protests, a chandelier falls. Jeannie is sure its a ghost and Roger agrees. Then Sir Widgin Willingham arrives, announcing he bought the house from Mr. Ashley a week before. It was then in perfect condition and he asks why they wrecked it. Tony insists he owns it, but Willingham gives him 24 hours to leave. Tony realizes Ashley tried to scare him off and resolves to beat him at his own game. Details
My Master, the Great Caruso I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony tells Jeannie that each year the American Air Force puts on a TV talent show with contestants from each base. Jeannie insists that Tony enter since they need a trophy for the mantel. Jeannie blinks and Tony sounds like Caruso. Dr. Bellows hears him. Tony makes Jeannie promise she'll never make him sing like Caruso again. Jeannie is excited since Roger has promised to reveal her birthday when he returns from Alaska the next day. With Gen. Peterson's backing, Dr. Bellows enters Tony in the contest. When all of his efforts to withdraw fail, Tony asks Jeannie to blink and return Caruso's voice to him. Quoting Tony that he would never forgive her if she broke her promise, Jeannie refuses and leaves for Baghdad. Roger returns from Alaska and Tony seeks his help but everything they do to get Tony out of the contest fails. Details
My Master, the Great Rembrandt I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:21   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The astronauts paint pictures to be auctioned off at the Air Force Benefit Show. Tony copies a Rembrandt and wishes be could paint like him. Tony takes his covered portrait to the show, unaware that Jeannie has turned it into an exact copy of the original. Art experts Dr. Van Weesen and Dean Geller, impressed by a strange resemblance, outbid each other and Van Weesen buys it for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Dr. Bellows tells Tony he must have painted the picture himself or stolen the original from the Louvre. In either case, he's guilty of grand larceny. Tony and Roger surmise Jeannie must be responsible. Details
My Master, the Magician I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:10   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie brings dinner to Tony's office. Overhearing Tony and Jeannie late at night, Dr. Bellows tells General Peterson Tony is having an orgy. Jeannie removes all, the evidence when the General arrives. Peterson angrily warns Bellows to have proof when he next accuses Tony. Bellows catches Tony floating in the air when Jeannie causes him to levitate. Tony explains that he is an amateur magician performing an ordinary trick. Determined to trap Tony, Bellows asks him to present his act at a base show, and then calls on Nestor the Great, a professional magician, to expose Tony. Unruffled, Tony brings a gadget that magicians use to the performance. However, Bellows has it removed. Details
My Master, the Pirate I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 24:44   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony, in skin diving gear, tells Jeannie he is going out to search for treasure reputedly in a nearby sunken pirate ship of the notorious Captain Kidd. Jeannie tells Tony he is such braver than Kidd was and whisks him back in time to the deck of Kidd's pirate vessel. There he is immediately attacked by the pirate chieftain but defeats him. To his surprise, Tony is chosen as the new captain by the cutthroat crew. The First Mate, George, demands Captain Tony kill their prisoner, the beautiful Lady Diane Nelson, who Tony realizes is none other than his great great great grandmother. When Tony procrastinates while trying to devise a means of escape, the crew turns against him. The brigands seize Tony and Lady Diane. George orders they walk the plank. Details
My Master, the Rainmaker I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:13   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony tells Jeannie he enjoys cold weather. She starts a snowstorm and the flakes fall on Dr. Bellows. Determined to discover the explanation for the strange happenings around Tony, Dr. Bellows tells Gen. Peterson. Tony persuades Peterson he can't control the weather. Sure he is in for a nervous breakdown if Jeannie doesn't take a vacation, Tony persuades her to visit her family. Sgt. Ben Roberts, overhearing Dr. Bellows' view that Tony can control the weather, begs him to do something about the situation in Four Corners, Alabama, where his brother is losing his farm to a drought. Jeannie blinks and heads for home. Details
My Master, the Rich Tycoon I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:12   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     While Tony is at the base, Harry Huggins comes to his home. He tells Jeannie the house is tiny and the furniture shoddy. To impress him, Jeannie blinks and turns the house into a luxurious mansion, with world famous art works, a safe full of money and a staff of servants. When Tony returns, Huggins announces he is from the Department of Internal Revenue, and will bring an assessor in the morning. Jeannie refuses to take Tony seriously when he says he may wind up in the penitentiary. When Huggins calls to see Dr. Bellows, the psychiatrist shows him a stack of reports on Tony's strange activities, but refuses to believe Tony heads an international smuggling ring. Details
My Master, the Spy I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 24:59   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie tricks Tony into going to Paris for lunch. Then he tells her he's scheduled to be at a top security conference with Gen. Peterson, Dr. Bellows and other NASA officials. Jeannie produces a duplicate Tony to appear at the conference. Two French generals see Tony in Paris and alert Dr. Bellows, who asks them to wire a photo to help him track down the imposter. Gen. Peterson agrees with Bellows that spies are seeking information on Operation Galaxy. Bellows plants a bug in Tony's office. Finding the hidden mike, Tony tells Roger that spies are onto Operation Galaxy and must be tracked down. Details
My Master, The Swinging Bachelor I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:13   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When Dr. Bellows invites himself and his wife to dine at Tony's, Roger and Tony know it's a trap. Tony asks Roger to bring a date too and tells Jeannie he's hired a sweet old lady to prepare the meal. Tony tries to get Jeannie out of the house but she hides in a teacup. Jeannie sees Kathryn, Tony's date, preparing a delicious Italian meal and is furious. Jeannie blinks and the meal becomes inedible. When she collapses the soufflé, Tony tells the invisible Jeannie in the kitchen that she's none too far. Dr. Bellows hears Tony apparently talking to the stove and decides to investigate. To make amends, Jeannie produces a delicious cake. Mrs. Bellows demands the recipe but Tony refuses on the ground it's an old family secret. She takes some cake home. After everyone except Tony eats the cake, they all revert to childhood. Details
My Master, the Thief I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:25   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Nostalgia grips Jeannie when she learns the local museum is showing an exhibit from Bukistan, her old home. At the museum, she sees a pair of ancient slippers in a case and tells Tony the slippers were stolen from her. When Tony isn't looking, Jeannie blinks and the slippers appear in her purse. Dr. Bellows tells Tony one of the officers at the Base is a suspect in the theft. Tony tries to make Jeannie return the slippers, knowing their loss could cause an international incident. However, she refuses and retreats into her bottle. All of Tony's attempts to trick Jeannie into returning the slippers fail. When he finally does succeed, Jeannie is furious. Details
My Master, the Weakling I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:15   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     After exhaustive tests, Dr. Bellows orders Tony and Roger into a survival conditioning program. Comdr. Kiski starts them off on a 10 mile run, 3 hours of exercise and uphill jogs in jackets loaded with sand. Staggering home, Tony takes Jeannie dancing as he had promised but falls asleep in the nightclub. When Bellows and Kiski appear, Roger awakens Tony by knocking everything over. Amazed that Tony can still dance, Kiski declares he now will let loose. Jeannie feels sorry for the boys, but is assured Kiski will ease off. Then, despite broiling heat, they are ordered out in winter gear. After Kiski sets Tony and Roger off, Jeannie appears with a note from their mothers. As Kiski sarcastically compares her to his doting Aunt Effie, Jeannie blinks. Details
My Poor Master, the Civilian I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 24:58   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony tells Jeannie and Roger he has been shifted out of the space program to head a company producing booster rockets, because the only other prospect turned down the job. Learning of Tony's new assignment, Dr. Bellows announces his own resignation, stating that he stayed only to observe Tony's behavior, and now plans to write a book about it. Tony begs Gen. Peterson to keep him at the base but Peterson feels he's more useful running the missile plant. When Jeannie describes how miserable Tony is about his forced reassignment, Roger feels if Tony could see himself in the new job, he might find a way to turn it down. Jeannie blinks and projects Tony's worst day, with two pretty secretaries, a gorgeous office and top production. Jeannie and Roger realize this won't have the desired effect. Details
My Son, the Genie I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:15   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The chief genie sends his son Harold for a day's training with Jeannie. Harold arrives in a crash down the chimney and makes a mess trying to clean up the rubble. Tony orders Jeannie to get rid of him. At NASA, Tony gets an enthusiastic reception. Dr. Bellows announces that the president, impressed by his orbital flight, plans to congratulate him at home. After Harold, in a guard's uniform, disrupts a press conference, Tony sends Roger ahead to make sure Jeannie gets Harold out. Roger finds Harold in the living room, surrounded by a harem, with a belly, dancer going through her act. Then Tony, Dr. Bellows and Mr. Pinter, a White House aide, arrive. Details
My Turned On Master I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:09   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When Tony worries about a press banquet, Jeannie offers to turn her power over to someone else for one day. He doesn't realize she has given it to him. To avoid a boring lunch, Tony pleads a mass of paper work. Dr. Bellows finds Roger and Tony buried in paper. Roger collects it, and Tony calls him a brick. Instantly Roger becomes a brick and Tony has trouble with Dr. Bellows about it. Tony orders Jeannie to turn Roger back. Roger reappears and Tony doesn't know he did it himself. Tony scolds Jeannie for the strange events. He doesn't hear her explain that he now has her power. Tony wishes for rain and Dr. Bellows, seeing it fall only on Tony, demands he explain. Tony wishes his problems on Bellows, thus switching the power to him. Jeannie thinks Tony still has the power and warns him about it. Details
My Wild-Eyed Master I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:10   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony strains his eyes while studying for a sub orbital flight. Dr. Bellows orders him to take an eye test the following morning. Tony emphatically turns down Roger's suggestion that he get Jeannie's help in passing the examination. Jeannie gets the truth out of Roger and pops into Tony's pocket. Her efforts to improve Tony's vision are too successful. Tony not only sees Dr. Bellows and his secretary, Miss Gordon, in their undergarments, but actually sees through the wall. When he reads the chart, he reads a sign in the adjoining room. Bellows breaks in on General Peterson's conference and announces that Tony has X ray vision. Details
Never Try to Outsmart a Genie I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:26   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony tells Jeannie the government is sending him to Rome. When he tells her she is not going, Jeannie tells him the sea voyage is dangerous. Unable to sway Tony, Jeannie tries to enlist Roger's help. However, Roger is glad that Tony is going abroad, since he hopes to use Jeannie's magic to get some of the things he has always wanted. Dr. Bellows, hearing reports of the presents Roger is about to give his friends, decides that Roger is suffering from megalomania and that Roger should go along with Tony for a rest. Tony wilts under Jeannie's pressure tactics. He finally tells her that if she can obtain a passport, he will take her along as a fellow passenger, or else she will have to travel in her bottle. Details
Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:43   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Jeannie II learns that Tony would turn against anyone who interfered with his trip to the moon. Listing the dangers involved, she persuades Jeannie to try to get Tony to resign. At NASA, Gen. Schaeffer, Dr. Bellows, Roger and Tony are studying a movie of the moon's surface. When Jeannie fails to get Tony to resign Jeannie II takes over. Soon Tony is terrorized as roaring tigers and freight trains, invisible to everyone else, leap from the screen. General Schaeffer asks Dr. Bellows to check Tony's mental condition. Jeannie II steps up the terror and Tony is dropped from the flight. Sure Jeannie is responsible, Tony declares they're through. Details
One of Our Bottles Is Missing I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:07   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Dr. Bellows' wife insists on having Jeannie's bottle for her living room. When Tony refuses to part with it, Mrs. Bellows decides to have a duplicate made and promises to return the original. Jeannie is furious when Mrs. Bellows leaves with her bottle. Tony soothes her by going to the workshop to get it back. Jeannie gets there first and pops into the bottle to wait for Tony. Salvatori instructs his son Gino to wrap up the two bottles. When Gino gets them mixed up, Tony leaves with the copy while the original, with Jeannie inside, is delivered to Mrs. Bellows. Details
Operation: First Couple On the Moon I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 25:15   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Jeannie II offers to make sure Tony doesn't get to the moon with a woman. After describing beautiful modern scientists, Dr. Bellows introduces homely Dr. Murdock. Tony persuades him to pick a married couple, then meets Prof. Swanson, who moonlights as a cocktail waitress. Jeannie II poses as Dr. Rita Walters. A computer matches Tony with Prof. Swanson but the final choice depends on a physical fitness test. Prof. Swanson is agile but eclipsed by Jeannie III, who will train with Tony. She assures Jeannie they won't go to the moon - she wants to go to Venus with Tony. Roger woos Prof. Swanson until her fiancée, Turk Parker, a professional linebacker, arrives. Jeannie reveals Dr. Walters is Jeannie II, but declares she'll be terrified when she's locked up in the simulated moon house. Details
Please Don't Feed the Astronauts I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:24   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Roger and Tony volunteer for a food experiment at the base hospital. Jeannie thinks they're brave, until she hears of the Swedish nurses. To reduce Tony and Roger to wrecks, Comdr. Porter starts them off with a 12 flight climb and 20 laps around the water tower. Jeannie visits the starved, exhausted astronauts and whisks in a table of goodies. As she asks about the nurses, they hear a sweet voice outside. Furious, Jeannie vanishes with the food. Miss Lugosi, bearing large hypodermics, advances and the boys pass out. Porter delightedly notes their weight loss and goes for Bellows. Jeannie finds Roger and Tony too weak to stand. She blanks and Porter and Bellows find them full of pep. Porter claims it was his special vitamins and plans a real test: 5 days on Skull Island, living off the land, but Bellows warns of the mental effects of starvation. Details
Ride 'Em Astronaut I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:04   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Jeannie is chosen Queen of the Supermarkets for being the millionth customer at Food City. Meanwhile, Tony brushes off Dr. Bellows' request that he be Honorary Grand Marshall of the Cocoa Beach Rodeo because he's afraid of horses. Alarmed that Jeannie's being Queen might expose their relationship, Tony orders her to stay away from Food City. Charlie Akins, the Rodeo Manager, and Wild Bill Barrows, a rider, followed by Roger and the Food City manager, come to Tony's house to see Jeannie. If Wild Bill comes out top rider, he wins a date with Jeannie, with other prizes. Tony orders her to refrain from magic to stop Wild Bill from winning, to avoid arousing suspicion. Details
Russian Roulette I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:22   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie agrees not to date Roger if Tony doesn't go out with other girls. Then Tony and Roger are assigned to escort Russian cosmonauts Major Tiomkin and Major Posnovsky during a good will visit. Mayor Tiomkin proves to be a beautiful girl named Sonya, who immediately stakes a claim on Tony. Angered, Jeannie tells Tony she is going out with Roger. Tony imprisons Jeannie in her bottle. Jeannie maneuvers the bottle into the pocket of Roger's raincoat. Roger presents the bottle to Sonya. Tony gets involved in a fracas with General Barkley and Dr. Bellows in his unsuccessful try to get the bottle back. When Sonya opens the bottle, Jeannie appears. Pointing to Sonya as her new mistress, she tells the cosmonaut she can make her every wish come true. Details
Secretary Is Not a Toy I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:13   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie decides its beneath her to have a master who is only a major. When she learns Gen. Peterson's secretary is leaving, she feels she could push Tony's promotion to general if she took the job, but Tony forbids it. She gets rid of Susie, Peterson's new secretary, by making her dress disappear. Peterson orders a male secretary, but Jeannie is so competent, that he keeps her. Dr. Bellows overhears Tony ordering Jeannie to blink herself out of Peterson's office. To learn more, Dr. Bellows invites Jeannie to lunch and soon has her talking in circles trying to explain her background. Bellows calls the FBI to investigate. Details
The Americanization of Jeannie I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Feeling that Jeannie must widen her horizons, Tony gives her a book "How To Be A Woman." Following the book's advice, to share her work with her man, Jeannie neglects her chores and allows the house to go to pot. Reading the chapter on clothing the successful woman, Jeannie charges an expensive wardrobe, including a mink coat. Convinced by the book that a man should take the woman out to dinner, Jeannie steers Tony to expensive Cafe Scheherazade. She starts a row when she criticizes the authenticity of the Arabian dancing. Details
The Battle of Waikiki I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:16   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony wishes he had met King Kamehameha, who defended the Islands from invasion 200 years before. Jeannie blinks and the King, in full regalia, pops in. Tony feels the King will be impressed by the Islands' progress, but finds him dismayed by all the changes. They find him in a shop, angrily smashing plastic souvenirs, which Tony is forced to pay for. When he sees a fountain, the King thinks the rain is falling up and demonstrates a rain dance. He forces Tony and Roger to join him, where Dr. Bellows sees them. To please the King, Jeannie makes it rain. Impressed, Dr. Bellows wants to send the native fellow to Washington to show his rain making power. The King breaks loose again. After being caught in traffic, he decides to raise an army to free Hawaii. Details
The Birds and Bees Bit I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:14   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     From a book, Tony learns that genies lose their powers if they marry mortals. He immediately proposes to Jeannie. Roger tells Tony he's making a mistake but agrees to be best man. When Roger warns that Tony will be out of the space program if he marries a genie, Jeannie replies she won't be a genie and summons Haji to back her up. Haji disapproves of the marriage, but shows what it will be like in a crystal ball. They see a party in Tony's house and learn. that Dr. and Mrs. Bellows like Jeannie. Roger also sees a lovely girl named Sally. Impressed by this view of Tony's perfect marriage, Roger approves and wishes he could meet Sally. Details
The Case of My Vanishing Master, Pt. 1 I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:05   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Tony is working on a new plan for Apollo 12. He is unable to notify Jeannie when Dr. Bellows has him flown to a secret hiding place. Meanwhile, Bellows trains Pomfret, an intelligence agent who is Tony's double, to cover his absence. Dr. Bellows feels Tony's house is safe for the double, unaware that Jeannie is there. The double is thrown for a loss by the strange happenings and Jeannie's presence in the house. At first he thinks she's the maid, then Roger's girlfriend. When Dr. Bellows introduces the two Tonys to each other via TV, Tony panics when he learns Tony II is living in his house. Details
The Case of My Vanishing Master, Pt. 2 I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 23:38   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Over TV, Roger informs Tony that his double plans to marry Jeannie. Meanwhile, Tony II tells Dr. Bellows of the strange girl who blinks things in and out and promises to introduce her to Bellows. When Rev. Benouli begins the Arabic marriage service, Tony II runs off, saying he's going for the marriage license. Roger tells Jeannie she's being tricked by an imposter. She is convinced when Tony II can't tell her how they met. Dr. Bellows arrives to find Jeannie posing as a surly housemaid. When she is grabbed by Tony II, Jeannie,blinks and he gets a terrible itch. Although Roger wants Tony II to go to the base hospital, Bellows orders him to stay at Tony's house. Details
The Case of the Porcelain Puppy I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:06   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. After Jeannie reads how to turn things into porcelain in the Genie Journal, Tony finds that his report to Dr. Bellows is now porcelain. He explains he has taken up ceramics as a hobby. At home, Tony finds that Jeannie is taking care of Djinn Djinn, the invisible, uniform-hating dog, for a few days. Mrs. Bellows sees the porcelain report and asks to see more of Tony's work. Learning that the Bellows are coming, Tony asks Jeannie to turn the garage into a workshop. There, Jeannie accidentally turns Djinn Djinn into porcelain and pops off to Baghdad for the antidote. Amanda sees the porcelain dog and insists she wants it. Dr. Ferber, an art expert, declares it's a priceless 15th Century Peking Dog. When Tony tries to smash it, Dr. Bellows puts the dog in the NASA vault. Details
The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday, Pt. 1 I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:20   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie tells Tony she never had a birthday party since she does not know when she was born. Tony sends her back home to find out. At the base, Gen. Peterson and Dr. Bellows introduce Tony to Eric, a huge computer. Jeannie returns and reports that all she has been able to learn is that Neptune was in Scorpio when she was born. Jeannie tells Tony that if he really cared, he would find out her birthday. After breaking a vase, Jeannie reveals that her powers weaken when she is unhappy, and, that her body will gradually disappear. She tells Tony she will have to leave if she doesn't get a birthday. Roger agrees to help Tony use Eric to learn Jeannie's birthday. Tony is waiting for the computer's answer when Dr. Bellows enters the control room. Annoyed that Tony has used the machine. for such a frivolous purpose as a B.C. birth date, Bellows tears up the tape and puts it in his pocket. Details
The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday, Pt. 2 I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:01   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony and Roger make another attempt to have Eric, the computer figure out Jeannie's birthday. Since Tony is scheduled to leave for Alaska on a mission, Dr. Bellows uses Tony's office while his own is being painted. To keep Bellows from discovering Jeannie in the desk drawer, Tony tries to keep him busy while Roger is feeding information into the computer. Telling Bellows he has an urgent problem, Tony lies down on the couch and relates a rambling, improbable story about animals. Roger returns and signals that he has the information. Tony abruptly tells Bellows that everything he told him happened in a dream. Before Roger can tell Jeannie the date, he is ordered to leave. Details
The Greatest Con Artist In the World I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In Honolulu, Jeannie, promising not to attract attention, attends a press conference with Tony. The reporters learn she is wearing a scarab pin worth a fortune and headline the visiting heiress. Charles, posing as his employer, Mr. Vanderhaven, the richest man the world, arrives in a Rolls driven by Eddie. He invites Jeannie and Tony to his yacht, where Vanderhaven, a hypochondriac, is holed up in his cabin. Charles schemes to get the scarab, but Eddie worries that their boss will cut them out of his will. While Tony is working, Charles takes Jeannie to Idiot's Cove, a worthless strip of beach generally underwater. He touts it as a site for Tony's beach house but refuses to sell it. Jeannie finds uncut diamonds Eddie has sprinkled around. Charles confides that gems wash up with the tide. As a favor to Tony, he swaps the land for the scarab. Details
The Greatest Entertainer In the World I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:10   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie insists that Tony be in charge of Gen. Peterson's tenth anniversary celebration as a general. Tony is annoyed with her interference but tells her he'd like Sammy Davis, Jr. to appear. Tony tells Roger he's off to Miami to see Davis, but won't tell Jeannie. Tony sneaks out and reaches the hotel where the star is rehearsing but Charles, his secretary, reports that he's booked up for months. Not knowing that Tony is in Miami, Jeannie blinks Davis to Tony's living room. When Jeannie can't find Tony, she pops Sammy back to his hotel. Sammy feels he's heading for a breakdown and tells Charles he needs a long rest. Tony returns home and Jeannie tells him Sammy was there. Tony reports that the star is too busy and they'll have to use amateur talent. Details
The Greatest Invention In the World I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:02   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony allows Jeannie grant Roger one wish. Roger accidentally makes Tony spill coffee :n his clothes and wishes he hadn't done it. Jeannie blinks and the stain disappears. Roger is crushed when he realizes he has blown his wish. Dr. Bellows happens by as it becomes clear that the jacket is now virtually indestructible. He tries to prove that somehow Tony has made a great discovery, but succeeds only in ruining four of Gen. Peterson's uniforms. Enraged, Peterson orders Bellows' transfer to Iceland. Although Tony dislikes Bellows, he feels responsible for his exile. Peterson rejects Tony's plea to keep Bellows at the base. Jeannie now turns herself into an Air. Force colonel and persuades Peterson to rescind Bellows' transfer. Later, Tony again allows Jeannie to grant Roger a single wish. Reviewing the endless possibilities. Roger muses that he once wanted to be the funniest man in the world. Immediately Groucho Marx appears is his place. Details
The Greatest Lover In the World I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Roger cancels a double date with Tony and Jeannie. Surmising that Roger has been unable to get a date for himself, Jeannie blinks. Immediately Roger's phone gets busy with calls from girls who turned him down, and a score of new ones, begging for dates. Even Evelyn, a beautiful secretary at the base who refused to date Roger because she was engaged, makes a play for him. Soon Roger, who always felt he was irresistible, finds himself making dates for months ahead. When Mrs. Bellows meets Roger, she invites him for dinner. Tony feels that Roger is heading for trouble. Roger pleads with Jeannie not to fall in love with him. Details
The Indispensable Jeannie I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:37   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. To test whether Tony and Roger can stand each other on a trip to the moon, Dr. Bellows orders Roger to move in with Tony. Since must do their own housekeeping, Tony sends Jeannie away for a week. A rift develops when 3 beautiful girls help Roger move in. Forced to leave the house while Roger is entertaining, Tony confides resentment to a soda jerk, who tells Dr. Bellows. Jeannie secretly cleans up the house and arranges to have every wish granted in her absence. Arriving to check, Dr: Bellows sees a cup of coffee in the air. When Tony and Roger quarrel about it, Dr. Bellows decides they can't work together, but defers his final decision. Details
The Lady In the Bottle I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:26   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Captain Tony Nelson, an astronaut, is engaged to Melissa Stone, daughter of General Wingard Stone, his commanding officer. Tony is rocketed into space in a capsule which lands is the Pacific. He reaches a small island. There he releases Jeannie, a beautiful blonde, who can perform magic with a blink of her eyes, from a bottle is which she has been imprisoned for ages. Jeannie tells Tony she is his slave forever. Worried about Jeannie's effect on Melissa and his career, Tony tries to leave Jeannie behind on the island, but she smuggles herself aboard the rescue plan e. Questioned about his reactions in spice by the base psychiatrist, Dr. Alfred Bellows, Tony tells about his meeting with Jeannie. Feeling that Tony is suffering from hallucinations, Bellows calls General Stone. Details
The Mod Party I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Roger invites Tony and Jeannie to a mod party for some old school chums. In a store to get mod outfits for them, Jeannie causes confusion as she changes the clothes to suit her own tastes. Then Captain Yardley reminds Tony and Roger they are expected at Dr. Bellows' annual meeting. Remembering that Bellows felt they needed more outdoor exercise, Tony tells him they are leaving on a hunting trip. Dr. Bellows accepts this, but his wife overhears that Jeannie and Tony will be at Roger' that night. She insists that her husband cut short his meeting so they can go to Roger's party, too. Roger's pals arrive and the party starts to swing. Details
The Moving Finger I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:22   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony is assigned as technical director on a new astronaut movie being filmed in Hollywood. Jealous of the star, Rita Mitchell, Jeannie smuggles herself along. All of Jeannie's ruses including a rainstorm, fail to keep Tony from getting close to Rita. Tony, tells Jeannie he is lunching with Rita and jokingly tells her he would lunch with her if she were a star. Determined to become a movie celebrity, Jeannie, seeing a picture of Pola Negri, patterns her personality on the old time vamp. Although her first try at getting into the movies is viewed as a gag, Jeannie manages to get a screen test with Jason Huberts, which arouses Tony's jealousy. When the test with Jason and Jeannie is show, only Jason is visible and Jeannie suddenly realizes that genies do not register on film. She is consoled when Tony breaks a date with Rita and they register their footprints in front of Grauman's Chinese with all the movie greats. Details
The Permanent House Guest I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:24   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie is disappointed that Tony has never asked for anything big, like a yacht. Responding to her request to visualize the biggest thing he can think of, an elephant appears. When Dr. Bellows arrives, Tony explains he's just keeping it for a friend. Jeannie replaces the elephant with a toy poodle. When Bellows returns with General Peterson, he finds it hard to explain what happened to the elephant. Later Bellows tells Tony he is moving in with him to find out what is going on because Peterson thinks he is losing his mind. Tony tells Roger that if he can figure out a way of getting Jeannie's bottle out of the house, he will entrust her to his care until Bellows leaves. Details
The Richest Astronaut In the Whole Wide World I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:26   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Roger discovers the secret of Jeannie's existence when he accidentally releases her from her bottle. He is amazed to learn that Tony, her master, has never used her ability to fulfill his every wish by asking for wealth or romance. Tricking Jeannie back into her bottle, Roger, now master, embarks on a spree of high living and refuses to give her back to Tony. Then Tony learns that Roger prizes his position as an astronaut above anything else. He gets a photo of Roger in the luxurious surroundings Jeannie has made for him. Using this as an opening wedge, Tony leads Dr. Bellows and General Hadley to feel that Roger must be engaged in nefarious activities to live in such great style. General Hadley has Roger arrested. Details
The Strongest Man In the World I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:06   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Tony faces extinction in trying to rescue Jeannie from a gang of hoodlums. Jeannie blinks and Gen. Hamilton sees Tony knock out the whole gang. The General decided "One Punch Nelson" will represent the Air Force in the Armed Forces Boxing Tournament. He's sure he'll finally win a bet from Marine General Gutzy Gorman, whose fighters have been beating the Air Force for years. Tony tries to have Dr. Bellows pronounce him unfit, but Bellows refuses, and even has his wife bet $1 on Tony. To build up his confidence, Jeannie has Tony splitting table and tapping through doors with his bare hands. Details
The Yacht Murder Case I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     After promising to spend an evening with Jeannie, Tony is tricked by his superiors into conducting aerospace tycoon P.J. Ferguson on a tour of the base. Ferguson's daughter, Nina, decides that Tony is her man. P.J. persuades Tony's superior to order Tony to have cocktails aboard his yacht. When Jeannie protests, Tony imprisons her in the vacuum cleaner. Later, after P.J. has Tony assigned to a cruise on his yacht, Mrs. Flaherty, Tony's cleaning woman, accidentally releases Jeannie from the vacuum cleaner. She immediately takes off for the yacht. Details
There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:12   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When Roger asks Tony to go out on a double date with Miss Universe and Miss Galaxy, Tony tells him Jeannie won't let him. Jeannie learns the girls are in town and baffles Tony by hoping he has a wonderful time that evening. She explains it's Hajji's birthday, master of all genies. On this day, any master unhappy with his genie can send her away. Jeannie tells Tony he has until midnight to decide. She begins to worry when she realizes Tony is thinking about it. Roger is surprised that Tony would ever consider it, until Tony recalls all the times Jeannie had gotten as into trouble. Tony can't pin Jeannie down long to tell her he wants to send her back to Hajji. Jeannie embarks on all kinds of projects to make him comfortable. This brings back all his horrible predicaments when she did so in the past. Details
There Goes the Bride I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:12   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     When Tony is best man at a wedding, Jeannie decides they should get married too. Roger advises Jeannie to play hard to get. Jeannie declares she's not interested in marriage, and Tony replies he feels the same. She reports her failure of reverse psychology to Roger. Jeannie resorts to a most powerful and dangerous spell involving a lock of Tony's hair, a piece of fingernail and some clothing. She blinks and Tony proposes. Haji, chief Djinn, accuses Jeannie of disobeying the decree banning love spells on masters. Jeannie refuses to remove the spell because wedding pleas are set. Haji threatens the worst. Details
This Is Murder I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:12   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony is assigned to assure Princess Tarji a good time during her three day visit to the country, since the US is anxious to make a deal for oil with her father, the Shah of Pakuait. Jeannie tells Tony that she must kill the Princess since Tarji's family insulted her family three thousand years before. Desperate, Tony gives Jeannie a series of assignments, such as building a ski chalet in Bermuda to keep her out of town for three days. Tarji shows more than a passing interest is her escort. Suddenly realizing that Jeannie has finished all her impossible tasks, Tony tries to get Tarji to leave before Jeannie returns. Details
Tomorrow Is Not Another Day I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:32   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Tony's newspaper fails to arrive and Jeannie blinks up a copy, but gets the wrong date from Roger. Roger leaves with the sports section and Tony chokes on reading the headline, "Astronaut Breaks Leg in Accident." To protect Tony, Jeannie blinks up a plastic bubble, and puts him into slow motion. At the base, Dr. Bellows confers with Comdr. Ross about the next day's flight. Tony clutches the newspaper and voices concern for Roger. Dr. bellows scoffs at premonitions as ignorant superstition. To back up Tony, Jeannie causes a series of minor mishaps. When Tony becomes wedged between two cars, she changes his leg to iron. Details
Tony's Wife I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:15   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie's sister tells her that her zodiac is under the Terrible Sign of the Jinx and she can bring only bad luck to Tony. Jeannie is convinced when Tony reports he had three accidents that day. Resolved to have Tony married before she leaves, Jeannie introduces beautiful Helen Wheeler. She feels they are a perfect pair, matched by computer. After they leave, Jeannie II pops back. She plagues Tony and Helen, making Jeannie seem responsible. Tony complains to Roger that Jeanie is dying to do away with him. Roger is unsympathetic, feeling Tony has been mean to Jeannie. Tony and Helen go picnicking and. Jeannie II makes the ground sink. Furious, Tony corks Jeannie into her bottle. He takes Helen canoeing and Jeannie II almost drowns them. At home, he is astonished to find Jeannie still corked up in her bottle. Details
Too Many Tonys I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:22   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Learning that Dr. Bellows has told General Peterson that Tony should marry for his emotional stability as an astronaut, Jeannie prepares for the wedding. She produces Phoney, a twin of Tony's, who starts romancing her as an example for Tony. Getting nowhere, Jeannie makes Phoney disappear. Later, Dr. Bellows sees a romantic interlude between Jeannie and Phoney and leaves Tony's house, certain a wedding has been set for the following Sunday afternoon. Although Tony tries to get out of his predicament, he realizes he is stuck when the General congratulates him on his coming wedding. Later, Tony tells Jeannie he is going through with the affair. Details
U.F. Ohhh! Jeannie! I Dream of Jeannie, Season 4 24:37   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     New episode. Tony and Roger land an experimental plane resembling a flying saucer in a field and are taken for Martians by a family of hillbillies. Forced to milk a cow, Tony squirts them with milk. He tries to escape with Roger but they trip and are hung up in the smokehouse. Jeannie appears with a picnic lunch and Clem, the teenage son, makes advances, mountain style. He demands a bear hug and finds a bear in his arms. Although inclined to shoot Tony and Roger before they tell revenue agents about their still, the hillbillies agree to phone NASA in the hope of a reward. Maw finds Clem suspended from a moose head and thinks Jeannie is a Martian, too. Paw prepares to shoot but Jeannie turns the gun to taffy. Details
Watch the Birdie I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:26   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tony, accompanied by Jeannie, goes to the golf course to deliver some documents to General Peterson. Tony, who does not play, accepts the pro's invitation to take a few swings. Jeannie causes the ball to sail through the air in a beautiful line drive. General Peterson, intent on defeating his rival, Admiral Tugwell, in a forthcoming game, sees the shot and determines that Tony will be his golfing partner in the match. Dr. Bellows is unable to convince the General that Tony doesn't golf. Even Tony's pleas that he is wholly inexperienced fail to shake the General. Refusing Jeannie's aid as unsportsmanlike, Tony unsuccessfully tries various ruses to get out of playing. Details
What House Across the Street? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:27   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Unable to persuade Tony to marry her, Jeannie decides she needs a mother's counsel. She blinks her eyes and Mama appears. Mama assures Jeannie Tony will change his mind if he thinks Jeannie is going to marry Roger. Tony asks Roger is he has met Jeannie's parents. Then Dr. Bellows announces he has bought the lot across the street. Roger asks to meet Jeannie's parents. She produces a house on Dr. Bellows' lot. Tony sees Dr. Bellows and General Hadley approaching the lot. Responding to Tony's pleas, Jeannie makes the house vanish. General Hadley and Dr. Bellows see Tony sitting in the weeds sipping tea. Making the house reappear, Jeannie produces parents for Roger's visit. Details
What's New, Poodle Dog? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:09   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Roger tells Jeannie that he has arranged a double date for Tony and himself with two beauty queens. Before Roger can tell Tony, Jeannie turns him into a French poodle. The poodle is taken to the dog pound. There, Tony pays five dollars for a Great Dane he thinks is Roger. Jeannie tells Tony he has the wrong dog. Tony rushes back to the pound where Mr. Asher has just bought the poodle for his son Keith. Asher refuses to sell the poodle, but Tony's bid of five hundred dollars changes his mind. Tony returns to the base with the poodle. Dr. Bellows comes in while Roger is barking his replies to Tony's questions. He tells Tony the poodle is just the dog to be orbited into space. Tony reports this to Jeannie and she returns Roger to his normal self. Details
Whatever Happened to Baby Custer? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:14   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     A series of reports by eleven year old Custer to his father, Mayor Ulysses S. Jamison on the strange feats of magic at Tony's house results in the Mayor taking his son to Dr. Bellows, the base psychiatrist. Bellows tells Custer he believes his story and asks him to keep a close watch on Tony A policeman catches Dr. Bellows and Custer peering into Tony's window and takes them inside for identification. While Bellows is telling Tony that Custer believes he has seen them levitate, Jeannie causes him to do so. Bellows bows out, feeling he has stumbled on a top-secret aerospace project. Details
Where'd You Go Go? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 25:25   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie is annoyed when Diane Rodney, a friend of Tony's returns to town, determined to resume their old relationship. As a result, when Jeannie runs into Roger, while driving Tony's car, she accepts his invitation to dinner. Unaware that Jeannie is Roger's date, Tony instructs his friend in the fine art of courtship. Later, when Jeannie tells him she doesn't know her date's name, Tony begins to worry. When Diane arrives, Tony drags her all over town searching for Jeannie. The two couples finally meet at a nightclub. Alone with Jeannie, Tony demands she return home. Jeannie tells him she is going to listen to Roger's records. Details
Who Are You Calling a Genie? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3 25:09   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     At the Space Center, Jeannie accidentally gets hit on the head. Harley Z. Pool appoints himself her lawyer and advises her not to answer any questions. Tony and Roger are barred from seeing Jeannie at the hospital. Dr. Bellows explains the she has amnesia but he's sure he's seen her before. Pool is delighted when Jeannie can't remember anything. Although he thinks she is faking, he plans to sue the government for millions. Disguised as painters, Tony, and Roger have a narrow escape when they try to reach Jeannie's room on a scaffold. Jeannie doesn't recognize them, but Tony convinces Jeannie of her powers and she blinks up a knight in armor. Details
Who Needs A Green-Eyed Genie? I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 25:11   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie's jealousy takes over when Tony insists on keeping a date with a friend. She blinks and Tony finds himself behind bars in his living room. Feeling she has been successful in keeping Tony from his date, she releases him the following morning. Then a man phones and berates Tony for breaking their appointment. Jeannie is conscience stricken and vows never to doubt Tony again. Tony tells Roger he didn't have a date, that his real date is for that night and now he is free to keep it. After Tony meets his date, Joan Sheldon, in a hotel, Roger let's slip that Jeannie has been tricked. Jeannie blinks and Joan turns into a chimp. When Tony begins packing to leave home, Jeannie promises never to interfere again, if he stays. Details
You Can't Arrest Me...I Don't Have a Drive... I Dream of Jeannie, Season 2 23:09   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Jeannie drives off in Tony's car without permission. Going up a one way street in the wrong direction, she is stopped by Ptl. Anderson. After ticking her off for a number of violations, he has the car towed away. Tony learns that Anderson holds the national record forgiving out tickets and has been written up by a magazine. At Roger's suggestion, Tony appeals to Dr. Bellows for help in getting the car back by insinuating it is full of secret equipment. When the car is released, Jeannie tricks Tony into giving her driving lessons. This time Tony encounters Anderson, who insures that the story of the astronaut's traffic violations makes the front page. Dr. Bellows and Gen. Peterson are very angry. Details

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