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The following Learn Along With Sesame Brought To You By Sesame Street episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
Let's Get Ready! Planning Together for Emergen... Learn Along With Sesame 16:34 2008-11-10  Free  See Preview/Download
     Grover and Rosita show children and parents fun and easy ways to prepare for an emergency. Details
Talk, Listen, Connect: Changes, Pt. 2 Learn Along With Sesame 19:58 2008-11-10  Free  See Preview/Download
     Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes provides support and resources for military families with children aged two to five. Rosita's father comes home in a wheelchair, and Elmo helps Rosita cope with her emotional response to this sudden change of events. Details
Talk, Listen, Connect: Homecomings, Pt. 3 Learn Along With Sesame 15:56 2008-11-10  Free  See Preview/Download
     Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes provides support and resources for military families with children aged two to five. Elmo's dad returns home from working far away, and the whole family works together to adjust. Details
Happy, Healthy, Ready for School: Learning is Ever... Learn Along With Sesame 22:23 2007-10-10  Free  See Preview/Download
     Elmo and Abby discover they can learn anytime, anywhere. Details
Panwapa Learn Along With Sesame 48:11 2007-10-10  Free  See Preview/Download
     Azibo and his friends create a community and explore their similarities and differences. Details
The Get Healthy Now Show Learn Along With Sesame 23:51 2007-10-10  Free  See Preview/Download
     The Sesame Street pals put on a show about healthy living. Details
Talk, Listen, Connect Learn Along With Sesame 24:37 2006-08-01  Free  See Preview/Download
     This Sesame Street program helps military families cope with deployment. Details
Happy, Healthy, Ready for School Learn Along With Sesame 17:54 2004-06-18  Free  See Preview/Download
     Elmo gets ready for school. Details
You Can Ask Learn Along With Sesame 42:51 2003-06-25  Free  See Preview/Download
     Elmo, Telly, and Big Bird talk about fear, loss, bullying, and differences. Their experiences can help families express their feelings. Details
Music Works Wonders Learn Along With Sesame 22:13 2001-11-12  Free  See Preview/Download
     Elmo discovers the joy of music. Details
Lead Away Learn Along With Sesame 13:20 1998-04-15  Free  See Preview/Download
     Oscar, Elmo and Rosita learn how to protect themselves from the dangers of lead. Details
A Is for Asthma Learn Along With Sesame 20:37 1996-04-11  Free  See Preview/Download
     Elmo and Rosita learn what to do when their friend has trouble breathing. Details
A Es para Asma ( A Is for Asthma) Aprende con Sesame (Learn Along With Sesame) 23:11   Free  See Preview/Download
     Elmo y Rosita aprenden qué hacer cuando uno de sus amigos tiene dificultad para respirar. Details
¡Maravillas musicales! (Music Works Wonders) Aprende con Sesame (Learn Along With Sesame) 22:23   Free  See Preview/Download
     Elmo descubre cuán maravillosa es la música. Details
¡Puedes preguntar! (You Can Ask) Aprende con Sesame (Learn Along With Sesame) 45:08   Free  See Preview/Download
     Elmo, Telly y Big Bird conversan sobre sus miedos, las pérdidas, la intimidación y las diferencias. Sus experiencias pueden ayudar a las familias a expresar sus sentimientos. Details
El espectáculo ¡Seamos saludables ahora! (The Ge... Aprende con Sesame (Learn Along With Sesame) 23:50   Free  See Preview/Download
     Los amigos de Sesame Street crean un espectáculo acerca de estar saludables. Details
Feliz, sano, listo para la escuela (Happy, Healthy... Aprende con Sesame (Learn Along With Sesame) 17:55   Free  See Preview/Download
     Elmo se prepara para la escuela. Details
Feliz, sano, listo para la escuela - Aprende en to... Aprende con Sesame (Learn Along With Sesame) 22:22   Free  See Preview/Download
     Elmo y Abby descubren que ellos pueden aprender en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento. Details
Hablen, escuchen, connecten (Talk, Listen, Connect... Aprende con Sesame (Learn Along With Sesame) 24:07   Free  See Preview/Download
     Este programa de Sesame Street ayuda a las familias a lidiar con la partida militar. Details
Panwapa Aprende con Sesame (Learn Along With Sesame) 47:48   Free  See Preview/Download
     Azibo y sus amigos crean una comunidad a la vez que exploran sus diferencias y similitudes. Details

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