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The following Phoenix episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
Future, Pt. 2 Phoenix 25:29 2004-06-27  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Finally Tamami comes to the end of her life. Masato is all alone left in the world. He continues Dr. Saruta's unfinished study on artificial beings to create a life form but he fails at every attempt. He cannot even meet a woman in a 5,000-year hyper-sleep. He is tormented by overwhelming loneliness. A long long time passes.... then a new life is born from Masato himself. At last, Masato is reunited with Tamami. Details
Future, Pt. 1 Phoenix 24:44 2004-06-20  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Moopie is an extraterrestrial being that can bring feeling of pleasure directly to human brain. Although it is prohibited to possess Moopies, Masato falls in love with a Moopie named Tamami. After escaping from an underground city called Yamato, Masato and Tamami make it to Dr. Saruta, an authority on artificial beings who lives in private on the ground. Then Rock, who has chased after Masato, arrives at Dr. Saruta's lab. Just then a full-scale war between underground cities breaks out, resulting in the extermination of the human race. All people die out leaving only three of them. Soon Dr. Saruta and Rock also come to end of their life. Masato who can not die due to his immortal body and Tamami, a Moopie with strong vital energy by nature, are left alone. Details
The Sun, Pt. 4 Phoenix 24:44 2004-06-13  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     A battle between the army of Prince Otomo and that of Prince Oama, Hirafu, and Inugami breaks out. Prince Otomo attacks Inugami with paranormal powers utilizing Buddhism while Marimo and her canine tribe members, together with other native gods, support Inugami. The Phoenix, however, refuses to stand by Inugami, saying, "Religion is not bad but a human who takes advantage of religion is bad." Inugami manages to defeat Buddhist monk to bring victory to Prince Oama. But on seizuring the control of the nation, Prince Oama becomes to advocate Buddhism in order to unify the nation. Details
The Sun, Pt. 3 Phoenix 24:45 2004-06-05  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     After the death of Emperor Tenchi, the political situation starts to change significantly. Inugami, who was saved by Marimo, has recovered from his wounds. With resentment against repeated orders for labor and contributions imposed on the villagers, Inugami again heads to Otsu, but is arrested for violent behavior towards a minister. Imprisoned Inugami meets with Prince Otomo, the son of Emperor Tenchi, but no improvement can be made . Just then Inugami is reunited with Saruta who is now preparing to raise an army as a follower of Prince Oama. They flee from Otsu together with Prince Takechi, a child of Prince Oama. Details
The Sun, Pt. 2 Phoenix 24:44 2004-05-30  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Harima who has changed his name to Inugami-no-Sukune, becomes the leader of Inugami village where village folks enjoy prosperity. It seems like the peaceful life in the village lasts forever. However, pressures from the Imperial Court to exclude native gods to extend Buddhism rapidly increases. Just then a holy seat enshrining a native god is hardly destroyed by a minister's followers. Inugami finally stands against the Imperial Court. To save the village, he heads to Otsu hoping for assistance from Prince Oama, a younger brother of Emperor Tenchi who is rumored to be an advocate of native gods. However, Inugami is attacked by an assassin again. Details
The Sun, Pt. 1 Phoenix 24:44 2004-05-23  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Defeated General Harima is forced to wear a wolf skin over his head which cannot be taken off. He heads to a country called Wah together with Obaba who has helped him and an injured General Saruta, where they save a girl named Marimo, a daughter of a canine tribe worshiped as a native god. While resting in a village that Saruta has known, they are assaulted by attackers. Not knowing their true intention, Harima is gradually caught up in the ploy of evil-minded politicians who aim to exclude native gods to expand their own power under Buddhism. Details
Strange Beings Phoenix 24:43 2004-05-16  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Sakon-no-suke, a woman who has been brought up as a male, sets off to kill Yaobikuni who tries to save her diabolic father. After killing Yaobikuni at a temple, Sakon-no-suke, who cannot go back home then, finds out Yaobikuni is herself in the future. She is trapped in the circle of time. Aware of her unavoidable fate of being killed by herself, Sakon-no-suke starts a new life saving the lives of all the humans, animals, and strange beings that visit the temple. Details
Resurrection, Pt. 2 Phoenix 24:44 2004-05-09  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     While Lamp doggedly follow Leona, Leona and Chihiro subconsciously reach the explosion site in the research facility where Leona gradually retrieves his memory in the past. He recalls his father who died in hopelessness, his revolts against such his father and a research on the vital energy in the Phoenix's feather conducted by Dr. Saruta . What is the meaning of the words Leona's ex-girlfriend Reiko left? Chihiro deactivates her own system to protect Leona, while Leona who now has an immortal body makes his last choice. Details
Resurrection, Pt. 1 Phoenix 24:43 2004-05-02  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In the 25th century, Leona involved in explosion at the laboratory on the moon, is restored to life with artificial brain planted in. He, however, has lost his memory due to the effect of the operation. Furthermore, people become to be reflected as debris on his eyes. Then, Leona falls in love at a first sight with Chihiro, a robot with an appearance of a human girl. Lamp, an old friend of Leona, tries to recover his memory to obtain information about eternal life, which only Leona knows. Leona and Chihiro together escape from the medical facility. Details
Dawn, Pt. 4 Phoenix 24:44 2004-04-25  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     With the help of a woman named Uzume, Nagi and Sarutahiko escape from the horse-riding tribe which aims to destroy Yamatai. Back in the Yamatai Kingdom, they battle against the horse-riding tribe together with Yumihiko but they are outnumbered. Discovering whereabouts of the Phoenix, Nagi tries to use its life-blood to save Yamatai people as well as Sarutahiko; however, he gets involved in the fiery collapse of the palace. The Yamatai Kingdom is overthrown. Takeru, a son of Guzuri and Hinaku who have been confined in the deep vertical cave, tries to get out of the cave to procreate. Details
Dawn, Pt. 3 Phoenix 24:44 2004-04-18  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In search of the Phoenix, Yamatai troops surge into the volcano. Among them is a master of archery named Yumihiko. Yumihiko confronts Sarutahiko, but their fight ends in a draw. Sarutahiko asks Yumihiko to give up the Phoenix to Nagi if he succeeds to capture it. Yumihiko finally shoots down the Phoenix while the volcano is shooting out the fire. But Himiko dies before she can sip the life-blood of the Phoenix. Nagi and Sarutahiko are captured by a horse-riding tribe, while Guzuri and Hinaku are confined in a deep vertical cave in the volcano. Details
Dawn, Pt. 2 Phoenix 24:44 2004-04-11  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Frightened by coming of old age, Himiko, the Queen of Yamatai, desperately wants the life-blood of the Phoenix. Sarutahiko who won the war brings Nagi with him. He trains Nagi as a hunter for the Phoenix. Nagi, however, is planing to attack Himiko instead, while Sarutahiko is accused of such Nagi's act. Nagi rescues Sarutahiko from the Hornet's Cave and heads for his homeland where he meets Hinaku and Guzuri who survived the raid. Details
Dawn, Pt. 1 Phoenix 24:44 2004-04-04  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     A boy named Nagi lives in the village at the foot of the mountain where the Phoenix resides. His sister, Hinaku, is saved by Guzuri, a medicine man who reaches the village while roaming around, and then she falls in love with him. At the night on their wedding, the village is suddenly attacked by troops of Yamatai led by Sarutahiko. The truth is - Guzuri is the one who has guided the troops of Yamatai. Details

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