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A Leg to Stand On Raising the Bar, Season 1 43:01   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Jerry defends a client he is certain is innocent. But Jerry is just as certain a jury will not see it that way. When Jerry gets a sign from the judge on the case that it might be better for a bench trial, that's the direction he goes. Little does he know there are politics at play in the background. Meanwhile, Bobbi is defending a veteran who lost his leg in Iraq and now relies on heroin to control the pain. She tries desperately to plead the charges down, but Michelle won't budge. Judge Kessler is called upon by a high-profile favor broker to help in dealing with another judge. Richard gets a little extra attention from his latest client, a law student working her way through school by being a dancer. Details
Bagels and Locks Raising the Bar, Season 1 43:00   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Jerry takes on a tough, emotional case in which a young boy was molested and murdered in an abandoned building. As press coverage raises the heat on the case, Balco decides to take over as the primary prosecutor. Bobbi, meanwhile, is defending a family man charged with possession of heroin, but the physical evidence against him seems non-existent. Jerry finally gets to meet Bobbi's husband, Gavin, but Jerry and Bobbi's playful flirting turns the meeting uncomfortable. Details
Guatemala Gulfstream Raising the Bar, Season 1 43:03   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Jerry is defending a family man accused of murder, but the only eyewitness who can prove the man's innocence is stuck in Guatemala. There are those within the system working to keep him there. Michelle finally has the chance to try her first murder case after the primary attorney dies unexpectedly. But she risks forgetting that her first priority is not to get a murder conviction but rather to be a good lawyer. Meanwhile, Richard is defending a young man who is accused of assault in a racially charged case. Charlie runs into problems when a former lover turns up in Judge Kessler's courtroom. Details
Hang Time Raising the Bar, Season 1 43:00   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Jerry's latest case involves a man arrested for following a hit-and-run driver and then stealing money from him. Bobbi handles a complicated case in which the wife in a domestic-violence dispute refuses to press charges against her husband. Details
I Will, I'm Will Raising the Bar, Season 1 43:00   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Jerry is defending a mentally ill client, but his case hits a snag when Judge Kessler orders him to quickly find a suitable in-patient program. Richard defends a woman who got into an altercation at the welfare office after they failed to get her welfare check. Now she's facing a five-year sentence and, if convicted, won't be able to take care of her grandmother who counts on her. Details
Out On the Roof Raising the Bar, Season 1 43:00   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     When an acquaintance of Charlie is arrested for distributing ecstasy, Charlie arranges to have Jerry handle the case. All is well until it turns out the case has been assigned to Charlie's boss, Judge Kessler. Marcus smells something fishy about a young man from Hell's Kitchen copping to armed robbery and eventually finds blood runs thicker than water among the man's Irish family. Michelle calls in a favor from Jerry, asking him to intercede on one of Bobbi's cases. Richard gets a visit from law student/dancer Lisa, who has a special proposition for him. Details
Pilot Raising the Bar, Season 1 44:03   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     In the pilot episode, we are introduced to public defender Jerry Kellerman, whose passion and energy for defending his clients occasionally leads him to question the justice system. While defending a man he is certain is innocent, Jerry struggles to navigate the system while remaining humble in front of a judge who despises him. Meanwhile, in the district attorney's office, Michelle tries to right a wrong in a rape trial but runs up against her boss, who doesn't want the DA's office to be embarrassed by winning a wrongful conviction. Details
Richie Richer Raising the Bar, Season 1 42:37   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Richard's extremely wealthy father offers Roz a job at his high-profile firm. Jerry defends a destitute mother whose arrest may be part of a police tactic to pressure her into testifying in a murder case. Richard and Bobbi team up on a murder case in which the suspect was defending his property from being stolen. As Judge Kessler continues to position herself as a political candidate, Charlie gets an unexpected visitor. Details
Roman Holiday Raising the Bar, Season 1 43:00   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     Jerry defends an HIV-positive man charged with attempted murder because he spit in a police officer's face. Even though medical research shows no possibility of contracting the virus through saliva, Jerry is unable to shake the charge. To make matters worse, he's going up against Mitch Baker, an arrogant assistant DA from the Major Crimes Unit. Mitch also treats his second chair, Michelle, like a glorified secretary. Bobbie and Richard are hard at work defending a 14-year-old who may have unknowingly become involved in a homicide. Judge Kessler plans an exotic vacation to Italy and invites Charlie to come along. Details
Shop Till You Drop Raising the Bar, Season 1 43:02   Only available with purchase of season  See Preview/Download
     The appeals court overturns the conviction of a black firefighter accused of stealing property from a body found during a fire. In its ruling, the court found that Judge Kessler was wrong to disallow testimony from a late witness. So now Roz and Balco find themselves jumping back into the trenches to retry the case in which racism may have played a major part. Meanwhile, Jerry finds out something about Bobbi's husband but isn't sure if he should pass the information along to her or keep it to himself. Richard defends a elderly woman accused of kiting checks to pay for merchandise she bought through a television shopping channel. And Charlie continues to deal with the aftermath of a major conflict between him and Judge Kessler. Details

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