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Yaz Rescue Me, Season 4 45:31 2007-09-12  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The spotting of Jimmy's "ghost" is the talk of the firehouse. Colleen (Natalie Distler) blames Tommy (Denis Leary) for her failed relationship, while Tommy figures out a way to fix his own. Franco (Daniel Sunjata) and Natalie (Sherri Saum) come to an understanding, while Lou (John Scurti), Mike (Artie Lange), and Latrina come to an understanding of their own. Tommy and his father (Charles Durning) take in a ballgame. Written by Peter Tolan & Denis Leary & Evan Reilly. Directed by Jace Alexander. Details
Keefe Rescue Me, Season 4 44:06 2007-09-05  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tommy (Denis Leary) plays hero in someone else's uniform which causes confusion in the firehouse. Colleen (Natalie Distler) suffers heartbreak and takes it out on Tommy. Natalie (Sherri Saum) asks Franco (Daniel Sunjata) for a favor. A rift between Mike (Michael Lombardi) and Black Shawn (Larenz Tate) nearly leads to blows. Tempers flare between Tommy and the Chief Feinstein (Jerry Adler) after Tommy makes a move on his daughter. Written by Denis Leary & Peter Tolan & Evan Reilly. Directed by Jace Alexander. Details
Cycle Rescue Me, Season 4 43:20 2007-08-29  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tommy (Denis Leary) goes on another memorable date with Beth (Amy Sedaris) for the sake of the crew. Black Shawn (Larenz Tate) proves himself in an unexpected arena. Franco (Daniel Sunjata) realizes what he's really lost while Latrina shows she knows how to keep Lou (John Scurti) happy. Dad (Charles Durning) gives Tommy some insight into his childhood. Written by John Scurti. Directed by John Fortenberry. Details
High Rescue Me, Season 4 45:06 2007-08-22  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The Gavin family AA group's first meeting doesn't go exactly as planned. Tommy (Denis Leary) bribes Colleen (Natalie Distler) for information on Janet (Andrea Roth). Franco (Daniel Sunjata) learns the truth about Natalie (Sherri Saum) from Richie (Cornell Womack) while Lou (John Scurti) contemplates revenge on Cousin Mike (Artie Lange). Written by Peter Tolan & Denis Leary. Directed by John Fortenberry. Details
Animal Rescue Me, Season 4 45:38 2007-08-15  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The Gavin family stages a duo intervention after several disturbing family calls. The mysterious girl from the restaurant (Gina Gershon) leaves Tommy (Denis Leary) wanting for much more. In order to get her baby back, Janet (Andrea Roth) must take matters into her own hands. A depressed Mike (Michael Lombardi) calls Tommy in a moment of despair. Written by Evan Reilly. Directed by Ken Girotti. Details
Solo Rescue Me, Season 4 43:43 2007-08-08  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Janet (Andrea Roth) plans for revenge when she learns Tommy (Denis Leary) gave her baby to Sheila (Callie Thorne). Franco (Daniel Sunjata) questions his marriage proposal to Natalie (Sherri Saum) in light of Alicia (Susan Sarandon) and Keela's (Cailin Stollar) return. Tommy faces his ghosts. Details
Seven Rescue Me, Season 4 44:42 2007-08-01  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     A devastating fire has a profound effect on the members of 62 Truck. Tommy (Denis Leary) wrestles with his feelings about the baby. Alicia (Susan Sarandon) returns with a propositions for Franco (Daniel Sunjata). Lou (John Scurti) makes a tough decision about Theresa. Details
Balance Rescue Me, Season 4 45:46 2007-07-25  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tommy (Denis Leary) and Janet (Andrea Roth) cope with revelations about the baby. Garrity (Steve Pasquale) finds out a secret about Mike (Michael Lombardi). New probie Black Shawn (Larenz Tate) holds the guys to their agreement. Cousin Mike (Artie Lange) pays a visit to Lou. Details
Black Rescue Me, Season 4 44:19 2007-07-18  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     After the death of Chief Reilly, the crew of 62 Truck gets a new chief. Tommy (Denis Leary) suffers embarrassment during a hockey game against the NYPD. Franco (Daniel Sunjata) works up the nerve to propose to Natalie, while Sean (Steve Pasquale) tries to talk Maggie (Tatum O'Neal) out of a divorce. As Janet's (Andrea Roth)( depression deepens, Sheila (Callie Thorne) makes a surprising proposition. Details
Pussified Rescue Me, Season 4 46:42 2007-07-11  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Emotions flare up when the crew learns of Jerry's (Jack McGee) tragic decision. Tommy's (Denis Leary) manhood is called into question after some embarrassing romantic encounters. Lou (John Scurti) resorts to blackmail as he tries to recruit a new probie for the house's basketball team. Details
Commitment Rescue Me, Season 4 46:02 2007-06-27  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The crew helps Tommy devise a plan to win back Colleen's affection. Mike convinces Tommy to spend time together outside the firehouse. Jerry faces bad news about his future while planning his role in his gay son's commitment ceremony. Details
Tuesday Rescue Me, Season 4 46:09 2007-06-20  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     After finally getting the full story about how the beach house fire started, Tommy is embarrassed to come clean to the investigators. Teddy is released from prison and makes an unfortunate discovery about his wife. Mike considers an unthinkable request from his mother. Tommy and Janet learn just how out of touch they are with their daughter Colleen. Details
Babyface Rescue Me, Season 4 45:18 2007-06-13  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tommy comes under suspicion when he can't piece together the events that led to the beach house fire that nearly killed him. The entire crew finds themselves trapped during an unusual rescue. Janet begins to worry that her newborn son prefers Tommy to her. Sean agrees to take part in Maggie's private hobby. Details
Justice Rescue Me, Season 2 48:42 2005-09-13    See Preview/Download
     New episode. In the wake of his son's funeral, things for Tommy are made even more difficult when Janet holds him personally responsible for Connor being killed by a hit-and-run driver. As friends and family try to snap Tommy out of his depression, Katy's claim that she doesn't believe in God has Sean looking for a way to restore her faith. And as Jerry is told that it would be best to put his wife into the hospital, and Franco continues pressing Laura about resuming a relationship, Candy calls to tell Lou that her pimp has agreed to release her. Details
Happy Rescue Me, Season 2 45:51 2005-09-06    See Preview/Download
     New episode. As they begin to realize that Mrs. Ng's death is going to make their father very wealthy, the Gavin family begins looking forward to a not-too-distant future where they will all be well off. As Janet solicits his reluctant participation in a ceremony to renew their wedding vows, Tommy decides to share his newfound fortune with his friends at work. However, as they are discussing how to redecorate their Park Avenue apartment, the Gavin's are all surprised by the appearance of the family's estranged black sheep daughter, Maggie. And though their father is none too happy to see her, Maggie claims that she had no idea about the inheritance and warns Tommy against assuming that the money is a sure thing as she seeks his support in becoming one of the family again. Details
Bitch Rescue Me, Season 2 44:32 2005-08-30    See Preview/Download
     New episode. As he relies on his wife's anti-depressants to fight the visions of his late cousin, Jimmy, a frantic call from Sheila brings Tommy to counsel her son, Damien, after he announces that he is following family tradition by joining the fire department. Taking Connor along, Tommy does his best to dissuade Damien. But when he can't bring himself to talk him out of it, Tommy gives Damien his late father's badge and offers to explain everything to his mom. Yet, listening from outside the door, Connor overhears Tommy and Damien talking about his affair with Sheila. Meanwhile, after he and Laura agree to take a break from each other, Franco warns Tommy to steer clear. And when Laura starts dating another firefighter, Sean urges Franco to get even by dating a porn star. Details
Brains Rescue Me, Season 2 45:33 2005-08-23    See Preview/Download
     New episode. When his son returns home to Boston, Jerry looks for help to care for his ailing wife. As Lou offers to help Candy quit working as a prostitute, Tommy continues stealing Janet's anti-depressants, while encouraging her to get the prescription refilled as soon as possible. And when the brother of the boy that Father Murphy is suspected of molesting claims to have been his victim, too, Tommy reluctantly admits that Mickey was right about their half-brother. Details
Rebirth Rescue Me, Season 2 43:54 2005-08-16    See Preview/Download
     New episode. Although he and Janet have agreed to try and reconcile their differences, Tommy is still surprised at her sexually playful attitude. So, after Lou suggests that Janet may be on antidepressants, Tommy sneaks a look inside her purse during a family dinner at his dad's apartment and finds the pills that are responsible for her improved attitude. Although he wants to undo the damage his loose talk has caused, Sean's efforts to patch things up between Laura and Franco only make matters worse. So, desperate to regain Laura's trust, Franco asks Lou to help him out by writing a poem. Meanwhile, in the wake of Steven Reilly's birthday party, the suspicion at 62 Truck is that Mike is gay. And after Lou defends her when she's accosted on the street by a former customer, Candy invites him up to her apartment, only to have him balk at staying overnight. Details
Believe Rescue Me, Season 2 45:47 2005-08-09    See Preview/Download
     New episode. While trying to keep his relationship with Shelia from engulfing his life, Tommy gains an edge in his competition with Johnny for their half-sister, Mariel's, attention. Although Mariel is eager to have sex, even the suggestion that they might not have the same father can't overcome Tommy's reservations. After criticizing Mickey for suspecting that their half-brother, Father Murphy, is a child m******r, Tommy is at the hospital with the boy he saved when, during another hallucination, he's encouraged to pray for the restoration of his marriage to Janet. Meanwhile, as Franco asks Laura to move in with him, and Jerry learns that his wife and son are planning a birthday party for Peter's boyfriend, Steven, Lou's ruse to keep Sondra interested in sex gets harder to maintain when he becomes interested in Candy -- the prostitute he's hired to help with the deception. Details
"Shame" Rescue Me, Season 2 45:49 2005-08-02    See Preview/Download
     New episode. Having stashed his kids with his dad, Tommy joins Lou in secretly taking up residence at the firehouse. Although he and Tommy can't find new places to live, Lou does run into Sondra, the woman who dumped him after he left his wife for her. Knowing that she's attracted to men who are already attached, Lou tells Sondra that he's dating someone and then, taking Tommy's advice, hires a prostitute to help convince her that it's true. And while the atmosphere at his dad's apartment is tense, Tommy can only think to ask Uncle Teddy for a connection to supply him with painkillers. Meanwhile, Jerry's tolerance is tested when his son's boyfriend, Steven, arrives for a visit. And when Franco brings Keela home from the hospital following her overdose, Laura stays to help. Details
Reunion Rescue Me, Season 2 44:30 2005-07-26    See Preview/Download
     New episode. Already suspicious that Sheila may not be pregnant, Tommy solicits some advice from Laura before setting out to find proof. Continuing to ignore his brother Johnny's warnings, he pushes ahead with his plan to kidnap his other two children. However, Tommy's plans are dashed when the FBI agent who is his sublet apartment's legal tenant orders him to move out because of the neighbors' complaints. Meanwhile Sean's colleagues warn him against dating a woman who is sleeping her way through the entire fire department. And as Jerry struggles to find a way to talk to his gay son, Peter, Lou attends a reception for bone marrow donors and survivors, only to find that Leon, the man whose life he saved, isn't especially grateful. Details
Sensitivity Rescue Me, Season 2 45:14 2005-07-19    See Preview/Download
     New episode. With Perrolli asking to Mickey to help make sure his brother keeps his nose clean, all-too-aware of what getting caught will mean for his future, Tommy does everything he can to hide his drug and alcohol use from the chief. And now that Colleen has run away from home to live with him, Tommy is determined to do whatever it takes, even kidnapping, to get his other two kids away from Janet. Meanwhile, as Franco tries to keep Laura from learning that he's dating a nurse who's giving him painkillers, Mike fails to adequately explain what it is he likes about large women. Details
T**t Rescue Me, Season 2 45:16 2005-07-12    See Preview/Download
     New episode. Still unable to shake the unsettling visions that he's been having since he stopped drinking, Tommy's anger over having his truck towed causes him to attack the beat cop he holds responsible. Though he gets the best of the officer in their brief fight, Tommy comes away the worse for wear when he breaks his hand. Then, after letting everyone at his AA meeting know just what he thinks of them and their problems, he heads for a rendezvous with Sheila. But when he has trouble performing and Sheila insists that he take a drink to get over it, Tommy leaves instead. Details
Balls (a.k.a Home) Rescue Me, Season 2 44:49 2005-07-05    See Preview/Download
     New episode. As Tommy fights back some disturbing visions of Jesus, problems with his illegal sublet, and Sheila's roiling emotions, Lou and Jerry try to convince Chief Perrolli to take him back, an especially difficult task now that the crew has grown fond of the courageous and multi-talented Sully, not to mention Franco's steadfast refusal to forgive him for causing his injuries. However, even when Perrolli offers to relent if the crew unanimously agrees, a vote reveals that Franco isn't the only obstacle in Tommy's way. Meanwhile, after he's told that Uncle Teddy has most likely been killed over his gambling debts, Tommy learns that his father is living in a fancy Park Avenue apartment. And though Tommy disapproves of his marriage to a wealthy Korean widow, his dad refuses to consider giving up his new arrangement. Details
Harmony Rescue Me, Season 2 45:52 2005-06-28    See Preview/Download
     New episode. As Lou and Jerry find Chief Perroli vehemently opposed to bringing him back to 62 Truck, Tommy is hunkered down in his new Staten Island assignment waiting for some good news. When asked by his new colleagues to join their barbershop quartet for a national competition in Ohio, Tommy can barley disguise his contempt. Yet, after a phone call from Colleen reveals that she and the rest of the family are hiding out near Columbus, Tommy joins the quartet in hopes of being able to see them. As Tommy looks to curry Sheila's favor by telling her that he's stopped drinking, Uncle Teddy's gambling lands him in trouble with the mob. And after he's unable to convince Teresa to take him back, an angry and hurt Mike starts to stalk her and her new boyfriend. Details
Voicemail Rescue Me, Season 2 45:33 2005-06-21    See Preview/Download
     New episode. Fighting nightmares about Franco's injury, Janet's selling the house and leaving with their kids, Sheila's pregnancy, and even premonitions of his own death, New York City firefighter Tommy Gavin is now living alone in an illegal East Village sublet after being transferred to Staten Island. Far from the action at his old Manhattan firehouse, 62 Truck, Tommy realizes that he is going to have to get his life back on track and calls Father Mickey to ask about returning to an AA meeting. With his parking tickets piling up, he then turns to his brother, Johnny, for help getting them dismissed before asking him and their lawyer-cousin, Eddie, to find Janet. But Johnny finally has enough of his out-of-control behavior and takes his brother to task after he's arrested for a drunken attack on some street vendors working at Ground Zero. Details
Alarm Rescue Me, Season 1 46:28     See Preview/Download
     New episode. In the wake of Billy Warren's death, NYPD Detective Timo Gavin reluctantly fuels his brother, Tommy's, quest for vengeance by pointing him to the homeless teens who were saved from the blaze. And after one of them admits that the fire started when she was forced to fend off some unwanted sexual advances, they tell Tommy where the homeless crack addict is staying. Meanwhile, as a bad tip causes Jerry to lose big on a baseball bet, the firefighters learn that a woman is being sent to replace Billy. And as he and Janet continue to disagree over their daughter's lesbian romance, after finally admitting that he feels better about Colleen having sex with girls instead of boys, Tommy encourages her to invite Jennifer over to his house. Details
Beached Rescue Me, Season 3 47:21     See Preview/Download
     New episode. The days following his brother's funeral and his sister's wedding find Tommy wrestling with his promises to care for Janet and their kids now that Johnny is dead, and to retire to the beachfront home Sheila has bought for them to start life anew. As Jerry's stroke leads to the appointment of a temporary replacement, Franco enlists Natalie's brother to help him prepare for the lieutenant's exam and Mike considers a ménage a trois with a brother and sister. And as Maggie and Sean are caught having sex on the new chief's desk, Lou tricks Tommy into having dinner with Theresa, the nun whom he is planning to live with on board his cousin's fishing boat. Details
Butterfly Rescue Me, Season 1 46:29     See Preview/Download
     New episode. As Franco talks Sean into auditioning for the annual firefighter calendar, Jerry sends Tommy to see a department psychiatrist about his talking to dead people. Spotted at headquarters by someone he knows, Tommy claims he's only submitting the paperwork to have a park jogging path named after their late colleague, Vito Costello. But instead of giving him some time off, the doctor prescribes anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and Viagra. After an angry showdown, Tommy is caught eavesdropping on Janet and Roger by their neighbor, psychotherapist Robert Shinsky. When asked about the medication, Shinsky recommends it only as a last resort. So, after learning that his neighbor wants to put a new deck on his house, Tommy offers to do the job. Details
Chlamydia Rescue Me, Season 3 44:12     See Preview/Download
     New episode. As he's moving Janet out of their apartment and scheming on how to even the score with his brother, Johnny, Tommy tries setting Sean straight about the dangers of dating his sister, Maggie. After tipping Sean off to Maggie's many boyfriends, Tommy suspects he's found just the leverage he needs to make Janet and his brother squirm in Johnny's ex-wife, Angie DeCarlo. But his plans are put on hold when a panicky Sheila announces that not only has Nell Turbody been arrested for having sex with several of her high school students, but that she also gave the boys Chlamydia. Meanwhile, as Lou's financial difficulties lead to some ill-advised bets on a college basketball game, Franco worries that Alicia has kidnapped his daughter, Keela. Details
Devil Rescue Me, Season 3 45:23     See Preview/Download
     New episode. Following his son Connor's tragic death and Uncle Teddy's conviction for murdering the drunk driver who killed him, Tommy continues fighting against his own perilous downward spiral. If his ongoing battle with alcoholism wasn't enough, he must also care for his increasingly difficult father while facing Janet's determination to get a divorce. And on top of it all, when word comes down that smoking has been banned at all the city's firehouses, Jerry's challenge to see who can go the longest without a cigarette forces Tommy to forego the one vice that he has left. Details
Discovery Rescue Me, Season 3 45:27     See Preview/Download
     New episode. As he and Sheila plan a birthday party for his dad, Tommy discovers that, unbeknownst to anyone else on their crew, Franco is studying for an upcoming lieutenant's exam. With the ongoing pressure of their work and home lives taking its toll, the firefighters at 62 Truck have a hard time staying true to their pledge to stop smoking. And when Jerry discretely asks for some help to cover the increase in his wife's medical care, Lou reluctantly agrees, even though he's tapped out, too. Meanwhile, Sean tells Franco that he is secretly dating Tommy's sister, Maggie. Details
DNA Rescue Me, Season 1 45:00     See Preview/Download
     New episode. As Tommy struggles to remember the name of someone he's been sleeping with, and Jerry balks at accepting a suspension for attacking a gay ex-fireman, a woman who's looking for Franco approaches Sean. Explaining that Nez is a violent alcoholic and drug abuser, Franco asks Sean to send her packing. But after seeing through their ruse and then luring Sean into a date, Nez corners Franco at work to tell him he is the father of her five-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, as Tommy and Janet square off over Colleen's attending a concert with her boyfriend, Mike balks at the apparent sexual interest of Andrew, the man whose life he saved. Details
Gay Rescue Me, Season 1 44:25     See Preview/Download
     New episode. Amidst Tommy's recurring nightmares, the men of 62 Truck are taken aback by a newspaper interview in which retiring fireman Bobby Teff announces that he and at least twenty of the men who died on 9/11 are gay. While Jerry cannot keep his anger in check, the men under his command try to come to grips with the fact that there could be gay firemen, perhaps even somebody in their firehouse. Meanwhile, following a chance encounter with Roger, Tommy uses his godson Damian's computer skills to disrupt the life of Janet's new boyfriend. And after promising to check up on his late cousin Jimmy's widow, Sheila, Tommy is stunned when his eavesdropping finds her with another woman. Details
Guts Rescue Me, Season 1 44:41     See Preview/Download
     New episode. Whether giving incoming rookies a brutally frank description of the horrors he's seen and heroes he's known during his many years in the department, or working alongside hardened veterans like Lt. Kenny "Lou" Shea, Tommy Gavin is, first and foremost, a New York City firefighter. Under the command of Chief Ron Perrolli, a gruff, by-the-book department veteran, and his hard-gambling polar opposite, Jerry Reilly, Tommy and fellow firefighters Franco Rivera and Sean Garrity rely on their experience to train rookies like Mike Lombardo, a probationary firefighter, or "probie" -- whose very life rests on how fast he can learn from their experience. Like all of his colleagues, Tommy is called upon daily to risk his life, while trying to cope with the haunting memories of his late cousin, Jimmy Keefe, one of the many firemen who died during the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Details
Hell Rescue Me, Season 3 46:42     See Preview/Download
     New episode. As Tommy breaks the tragic news of Johnny's death, he's surprised when their dad insists on a funeral that celebrates his late son's life rather than one that mourns his passing. Tommy feels like he dodged a bullet after hearing his dad's reaction. But upon learning that Jerry had a near-fatal stroke during sex, he turns around and blames himself for giving him the Viagra that caused the disaster. And despite hearing phone messages Johnny left before being killed that clearly indicate an approaching reconciliation with his brother, Tommy cannot bring himself to exact revenge on his killer even when given the opportunity. Details
Immortal Rescue Me, Season 1 46:36     See Preview/Download
     New episode. Now that he's having sex with Sheila, Tommy cannot shake his visions of her late husband's ghost. On top of dreaming about Jimmy, the shaky finances that have him owing Janet four thousand dollars have also led to some angry and reckless driving that gets him cited by a vengeful cop. At work, female firefighter Laura Miles has made it clear that Jerry is in no position to deny her request for a private bathroom. And as Tommy offers to help reunite Colleen and her girlfriend, Jennifer, Andrew apologizes for the beating he gave Mike following their failed three-way with his fiancée, and then insists that he move in with him now that Geneva has left. Details
Inches Rescue Me, Season 1 45:44     See Preview/Download
     New episode. As Tommy struggles with his recurring nightmares of 9/11, the crew is embroiled in a heated debate over how best to measure their sexual equipment. Once Jerry establishes a definitive standard, only Billy balks at a contest to identify the house's best endowed fireman. Already thrown for a loop after his dad called for help after Uncle Teddy came home with a monkey, Tommy discovers that he is now the caretaker of Katy's new dog. Already arguing about who's responsible for the messy pet, Tommy and Janet square off over Colleen's suspension for kissing a girl at school. And as Tommy finds comfort in the fact that Colleen is having a relationship with a girl, Mike is surprised when his girlfriend's daughter, Nicole, comes to stay for a week. Details
Kansas Rescue Me, Season 1 44:24     See Preview/Download
     New episode. As Jerry faces an investigation into his beating of gay firefighter Bobby Teff, the annual ice hockey game against the police has put Tommy at odds with his gruff co-captain, Ryan. Though pleased with his campaign of harassment against Janet's boyfriend, when his godson, Damian, threatens to reveal how he infected Roger's computer with a virus, Tommy is forced to pay $500 for his silence. Making matters worse, when he is unable to avoid his late cousin's wife, Sheila, Tommy learns that Ryan has asked her on a date. Meanwhile, as Mike struggles with the attentions of the man whose life he saved, and Lou is asked to read his poetry to a 9/11 survivors support group, Jerry is told to look for eyewitnesses who will back up his claim of self-defense. Details
Karate Rescue Me, Season 3 45:08     See Preview/Download
     New episode. As Tommy continues to battle his depression, he and his crew are stunned after Mike's heroic rescue leaves fellow firefighter John Stackhouse clinging to life in the hospital. Still unaware that he was drugged and raped over his relationship with Angie, Tommy apologizes to Sheila. But his problems mount when, after learning that Mike is looking to transfer to another firehouse, Tommy's breakdown at a hockey game exposes him to a police department rival who also suffers from survivor's guilt and has turned to alcohol to cope. Meanwhile, as Jerry ends his brief affair with Rose, and Tommy begs Angie for another chance, Lou decides to get on with his life after the con artist who bankrupted him is arrested. Details
Leaving Rescue Me, Season 1 45:25     See Preview/Download
     New episode. Already being hounded by Janet for money to replace her air conditioner, Tommy gets a stern warning from Jerry to steer clear of Sheila. And as Jerry complains about a bookie who's forgotten to pay off a big bet, and Franco returns to work with his daughter, Keela, in tow, a trio of rowdy firefighters from Massachusetts ask to stay at the firehouse while they construct a 9/11 memorial. Asking them to keep a low profile, Sean leaves them at the station while he's at a fire where he apologizes to Laura for all the harassment. Meanwhile, after an uncomfortable phone call from Sheila, Tommy learns that Janet is lying about the air conditioner. And when Mike suggests that they consider living together, he's surprised to learn that Theresa is bulimic. Details
Mom Rescue Me, Season 1 45:49     See Preview/Download
     New episode. Pressured by his mom into dating a friend's daughter, Mike is disappointed -- but not surprised -- to find that she's overweight. But after forcing him to admit to his ambivalence about their date, Theresa proceeds to give Mike the best sex he's ever had. After insisting that Jerry keep her new bathroom private, Laura watches Tommy defy orders to rescue a dog and wonders how long it will be before his recklessness gets him or someone else...killed. Meanwhile, as Sean frets over how the new firefighter's calendar makes him seem gay, Lou tells his wife, Phyllis, about his affair with Sondra, only to learn she is seeing another fireman. Details
Orphans Rescue Me, Season 1 45:54     See Preview/Download
     New episode. As Tommy tries to insure that Colleen won't want to see her boyfriend anymore, and Jerry realizes just how serious the department is about his suspension, Franco lambastes Sean about his dating Nez. But, following a violent encounter with another woman that leaves Nez dead and her daughter, Keela, in the care of her drug-addicted roommate, Sean presses Franco to take responsibility for the girl. And while balking at first, seeing the squalid conditions she's living is all it takes to convince Franco to take her home. Meanwhile, a fight breaks out when Roger asks that Tommy stop coming between him and Janet. And, already unhappy that his union lawyer is homosexual, Jerry's case may have to rely on the testimony of his gay son, Peter. Details
Pieces Rescue Me, Season 3 44:17     See Preview/Download
     New episode. Following a fire at an indoor marijuana garden that sends the drug-addled crew of 62 Truck back to the station to sober up, a visit to the hospitalized fireman John Stackhouse leaves Tommy pondering his own future. Life for most of the other firefighters proves just as challenging when Mike's decision to move out widens a growing rift with his gay roommate, Chris, and a nurse at the hospital suggests that Jerry stop visiting his ailing wife in order to maintain his own sanity. And as Franco wonders what secrets his new girlfriend is keeping from him, Sean claims that marrying Maggie will make him a member of the Gavin clan. Details
Rescue Me Minisodes Rescue Me, Season 5 45:56     See Preview/Download
     Rescue Me, the acclaimed drama starring Denis Leary that revolves around the lives of the men in a NYC firehouse, premieres 10 new, original minisodes. Bridging the gap until the fifth season premiere in 2009, the minisodes center around the fraternal banter and high jinks in the fire house. Details
Retards Rescue Me, Season 3 45:54     See Preview/Download
     New episode. As Tommy continues his grim beside vigil for John Stackhouse, he asks to see Janet, especially now that she's having a baby that could either be his or Johnny's. While Tommy's spirits are lifted by the new Cadillac Sheila has offered in exchange for giving his old truck to Damien, the joy is short-lived when it's stolen. As the merciless ribbing about his sex life prompts Mike to demand a transfer, Tommy's fears about the crew breaking up appear to be coming true. Meanwhile, Franco looks to score points by bringing Natalie's mentally-challenged brother, Richard, to work. Details
Revenge Rescue Me, Season 1 44:10     See Preview/Download
     New episode. While plotting to get revenge for the beating he received from Roger's friends, Tommy tricks Sean into making a date with a beautiful woman who is really a transvestite. Much to Tommy's delight, Sean responds by betting that he can get her in bed by the end of the week. And as psychologist Dr. Thompkins presses Lou to read his poetry, Franco asks Tommy for help finding the foster home of his daughter, Keela. Meanwhile, with Johnny's help, Tommy has Roger arrested at Janet's house. And while Janet doubts that Roger could be responsible for the assault, Johnny convinces her that he's about to confess. Details
Sanctuary Rescue Me, Season 1 49:02     See Preview/Download
     New episode. To make the next hockey game with the NYPD a wild affair, Tommy mends fences with his ex-co-captain, Ryan, who offers to enlist a fireman who is on leave for beating up three cops. As Lou's affair with Sondra heats up, and Mike comes to grips with Theresa's eating disorder, Franco counsels Sean on how to dump Carol, a woman he says is a bad kisser. And after another day at the track with Uncle Teddy and Arlo leaves him with plenty of cash for Janet and Sheila, Tommy is startled when Laura questions his motives and his sanity. Then, after she's the only one who can stop an angry man from attacking the firefighters removing his morbidly obese mother's corpse from her apartment, Laura gains some credibility with the crew. Details
Satisfaction Rescue Me, Season 3 45:53     See Preview/Download
     New episode. Tommy and Franco learn about Jerry's side job and decide to give him a hard time. Tommy and Angie go to great lengths to make Janet and Johnny jealous. Sean discovers an unusual way to keep Maggie interested in him. Details
Sparks Rescue Me, Season 3 44:39     See Preview/Download
     New episode. While hurrying to the aid of a Harlem man, the crew of 62 Truck stops to help an overturned school bus full of private school students. Though the firefighters consider themselves heroes, Jerry is soon lambasted in the press for stopping to rescue the wealthy, and mostly white, children, at the expense of a black man. Unable to continue his cover up, Sean admits that he's seeing Maggie, but is surprised to find out that Tommy has known ever since his dad's birthday party. Yet instead of being upset about their being a couple, Tommy advises that Sean get out of the relationship before Maggie does something crazy. Meanwhile, as Jerry's first day at work finds him cleaning bathrooms instead of tending bar, Sheila insists that Tommy seek out a s***m bank to ensure that the Gavins will have a male heir to work in the fire department. And despite their sexual relationship, Mike and his roommate, Chris, insist that they aren't gay. Details
Torture Rescue Me, Season 3 46:23     See Preview/Download
     New episode. With Jerry's desperate pleas for money causing friction with Lou, the beating Tommy dished out after learning that his brother is seeing Janet has Sean worried about what fate has in store for him if Tommy were ever to learn that he's dating his sister, Maggie. Troubles also abound for Franco, whose older girlfriend, Alicia, isn't about to let her considerable fortune stand in the way of their relationship. As Jerry sheepishly approaches his ailing wife's estranged brother for help with her medical bills, Franco worries after seeing Lou wandering the streets drunk. Meanwhile, when Tommy demands that she stop seeing his nephew, Damien, Nell Turbody agrees -- but only if he will take the teenage boy's place in her bed. And during a jailhouse visit, Tommy learns that, now that his crime has made him a celebrity behind bars, Uncle Teddy has no interest in ever getting out. Details
Twilight Rescue Me, Season 3 46:24     See Preview/Download
     New episode. Following a pair of tense rescues of a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic and an obese woman impaled on an iron fence, Tommy wakes up to face another day to find that his dad has nearly set the kitchen on fire. After Tommy suggests that his dad might be safer in a nursing home, he gets another big surprise when Lou admits to spending the night with a nun. But Tommy's problems only get worse when Sheila calls to say that his dad has disappeared after leaving a suicide note. Meanwhile, as Franco suspects that Natalie's brother may be faking his mental illness, and Sean asks Maggie to agree to a church wedding, Jerry suffers from performance anxiety when Karlene suggests having sex. Details
Zombies Rescue Me, Season 3 45:52     See Preview/Download
     New episode. Following a bruising street hockey game against the Bronx Brigade that nets 62 Truck four hundred dollars, Sean patches things up with Tommy so that he can get into his stash of painkillers. As the crew argues over what to do with all the money that they have saved, and then worries after learning of a department-wide crackdown on porn at work, Sean mistakenly downs four powerful sleeping pills that are known to cause sleepwalking. Meanwhile, as being with their Uncle Johnny allows Tommy's kids to better understand the destructive effects of their dad's sarcasm and explosive temper, Teddy uses his celebrity to land himself a bride - and conjugal visits -- while he's in prison. Details

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