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The following Shark Week episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
American Shark Shark Week 47:47 2005-07-19  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Journey around the coast of the U.S. in search of shark life from the deep ocean, the coral reef, the shallow waters and even favorite beaches. Find out why some species justify visceral fears and discover others that are rarely seen. Details
Anatomy of a Shark Bite Shark Week 44:49 2004-08-25  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Shark behavioral scientist Dr. Erich Ritter was bitten by a bull shark while filming with the Discovery Channel in the Bahamas. He will examine the footage of his unfortunate incident and discuss the difference between a shark bite and an actual attack. Details
Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark Shark Week 49:15 2004-07-29  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Nine feet of brawn and muscle, the bull shark is one of the most aggressive animals on earth. Join zoologist Nigel Marven on a journey to learn more about these incredible predators, including a trip to the shark infested waters of the Bahamas. Details
Great White Shark: Uncaged Shark Week 44:51 2004-07-27  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In the world's most shark-infested waters, an extreme team of divers attempt to photograph massive great white sharks without the protection of a cage. The team, led by Andre Hartman, is marooned for 9 days off a remote island in Mexico. Details
Jaws of the Pacific Shark Week 49:38 2003-08-14  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Researchers, analyzing data from new satellite technology, have discovered that the great white shark makes incredible long-distance migrations across the Pacific. Transmitters attached to the sharks may soon reveal hidden birthing and mating grounds. Details
Diary of a Shark Man Shark Week 49:37 2003-08-12  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Manny the Shark Man rides 14-foot hammerheads for fun, hand feeds man-eating bull sharks and counts dangerous lemon sharks among his friends. With his intimate knowledge of shark behavior, he gets closer to these predators than anyone else on earth. Details
Day of the Shark Shark Week, 2008 42:10   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     This harrowing hour reveals the science behind what triggers sharks to attack at certain times of day, and what rules humans should follow to avoid incident. Details
Deadly Stripes: Tiger Sharks Shark Week, 2007 43:09   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Each year otherwise solitary tiger sharks mysteriously come together en masse off Aliwal Shoal. Shark expert Mark Addison braves the water without shark cage, chain mail suit or scuba gear to find answers about this mysterious behavior. Details
Dirty Jobs: Greenland Shark Quest Shark Week, 2008 41:17   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In this special episode of Dirty Jobs Mike heads to the edge of the Arctic Circle, on the northeast side of Canada's Baffin Island in search of one of the most mysterious sharks known to man : the Greenland shark. Details
How Not to Become Shark Bait Shark Week, 2008 41:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     A team of amatuer shark enthusiasts travel to the Bahamas to swim with sharks and test just how hard it is to be bitten by a shark...or is it? Tiger sharks, lemon sharks, and Caribbean Reef sharks appear for the experiments. Details
Mysteries of the Shark Coast Shark Week, 2008 1:23:36   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     A cross-discipline scientific team undertakes the largest shark tagging expedition in Australian history. Their mission: To discover the cause for the mysterious decline of sharks off northeast Australia and to record the secret behaviors of sharks. Details
MythBusters: Jaws Special Shark Week, 2006 43:14   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Do sharks lose interest in attacking if punched on the nose or jabbed in the eyes and gills? Adam and Jamie put it to the test. Jamie goes overboard to tussle with some fearsome fish. And a scuba tank experiment is so dangerous, the FBI are brought in! Details
MythBusters: Shark Week Special 2008 Shark Week, 2008 42:19   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Among the myths tackled in this Shark Week special: Can you gouge a shark's eyes during an attack? Can magnetism repel a shark? MythBusters is back with a bite sized 1 hour special with more myths. Details
Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever Shark Week, 2007 1:25:54   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     A dramatic documentary featuring the story of the of the USS Indianapolis in World War II. Explore the sinking and the horrifying shark attacks that cost hundreds of soldiers' lives. Details
Perfect Predators Shark Week, 2007 1:27:13   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Countdown of shark species according to their skills, level of development, and status as the ocean's ultimate hunters. Highlights special abilities and links to communications. Details
Sharkman Shark Week, 2007 1:27:13   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Michael Rutzen is on an unbelievable quest; To hypnotize, in open water, one of the most dangerous animals on the planet - the Great White Shark. Mike believes if he can put sharks into trance, it will open the door to hidden secrets of the shark's life. Details
Sharks Under Glass Shark Week, 2007 44:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Explore the latest shark programs at aquariums across the country. From the Shark Bay exhibit in Tampa, Florida, to the great white shark exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, research is yielding exciting information about these fearsome predators. Details
Surviving Sharks Shark Week, 2008 41:39   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Les Stroud puts himself in some a the most frightening scenarios imaginable, to find out what, if anything, you can do when you cross paths with some of the deadliest species of sharks on the planet. Details
Top Five Eaten Alive Shark Week, 2007 43:07   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Each year dozens of people are eaten alive by sharks. These are the world's five most amazing survivor stories. Details

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