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Charitable So NoTORIous, Season 1 21:51 2006-05-14  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Inspired by Janey's participation in a mentoring program, Tori decides to get a Little Sister of her own. Tori delights in the opportunity to show Kiki just how affectionate and compassionate mothering is done, and soon her street-smart, 15-year old little sister starts running roughshod all over her. Details
Relaxed So NoTORIous, Season 1 21:34 2006-05-14  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     After an argument with her friends, Tori encounters Farrah Fawcett's masseur, Howard, who has accidentally gotten into the wrong elevator. Howard is a gregarious, ingratiating guy who offers Tori a free massage and suggests she buy all her friends massages to patch things up. But Tori's gesture backfires: Howard is an inveterate gossip who passes information from one friend to the next, and the friends find themselves in a downward spiral, digging deeper in their collective history to reopen old wounds and find new reasons for recrimination, resentment, and rancor. Details
Soulful So NoTORIous, Season 1 21:28 2006-05-14  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     It's Mother's Day and Tori is relieved to discover that Kiki is away on a cruise in Mexico. Tori plans to spend the day with Nanny instead, visiting her church on Crenshaw Boulevard where Tori has many treasured childhood memories. But an outbreak of food poisoning sees Kiki returning home prematurely and, much to Tori's chagrin, she decides to tag along. Kiki in Crenshaw?! Tori is prepared for the worst and sure enough, even with Tori monitoring her every move, Kiki gets completely caught up in the spirit of the congregation. When Tori ends up embarrassing herself trying to contain her mother's enthusiasm, Nanny steps in to straighten her out. She reminds her the true spirit of "Mother's Day"...realizing you're stuck with your family whether you like it or not. Details
Cursed So NoTORIous, Season 1 21:36 2006-04-23  $1.99  See Preview/Download
      Being crowned worst dressed by a tabloid was enough to ruin Tori's day. But after Mimi La Rue is diagnosed with worms and Tori's replaced on her latest "F" movie, and a terrible migraine sets in, she becomes convinced this is more than bad luck. She's been cursed! While the notion seems ridiculous at first, her friends can't deny that all evidence points to Kiki putting the "evil eye" on Tori. At the recommendation of Ruthie Rose, Tori takes an appointment with celebrated Santeria priestess Mama Belle. After some chaotic cleansings that involve cheap perfume and a live chicken, Tori's luck actually seems to turn back around. Now Kiki wants to know her secret... Details
Jealous So NoTORIous, Season 1 21:28 2006-04-23  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tori meets handsome and successful plastic surgeon Carter. Enamored with each other, the two quickly begin spending quality time. With things going so well, Tori impulsively invites Carter to dinner at the mansion with Kiki. Although Kiki's never paid much attention to any guy Tori's brought home before, she takes an instant liking to charming Carter. Tori is very surprised. As is Sasan, normally Kiki's favorite, who does not appreciate the competition. Complications arise when Kiki and Carter begin lunching and shopping together on their own. With Sasan sulking and Tori confused, Nanny attempts to help them both. But Tori can't get over the fact that someone she likes could ever get along with her mother. Details
Accommodating So NoTORIous, Season 1 21:49 2006-04-16  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Pete's new skanky girlfriend is driving Tori up the wall with her lack of respect for Tori's space. Instead of just talking to Pete about it, Tori's fear of confrontation leads her to shack up first with Janey, then with Sasan and his parents. After these both prove to be undesirable living situations, a homeless Tori reluctantly ends up back at the mansion. Kiki proves less than welcoming, and when Nanny finds out what has been going on, she insists that Tori go home and confront Pete. Details
Street So NoTORIous, Season 1 21:48 2006-04-16  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tori desperately wants to land the role of a tough prostitute in a gritty docudrama, and can't even get an audition. She enlists Janey, Sasan, and Ruthie to accompany her to the premiere of the director's latest movie to try to get to him directly, but she fails. Still looking for a way in, Tori decides to put an audition on tape, and she and her friends go to the Pleasure Chest to buy the appropriate props. At the Pleasure Chest, Tori sees an old co-star she wants to avoid and dives behind a counter of dildos to avoid her. Driving away, Tori realizes her beloved Blackberry is missing. She calls it. A guy answers and starts teasing her, instigating a cat-and-mouse game. Tori, Janey, Sasan, and Ruthie end up spending the rest of the night wandering the mean streets of Hollywood trying to get her Blackberry back, and in the process, Tori gets a little bit of street cred. Details
Plucky So NoTORIous, Season 1 22:35 2006-04-02  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     On the set of her latest woman-in-jeopardy TV movie, Tori develops a crush on Scott, a hunky gaffer. He seems interested, but Tori gets frustrated because no matter what she does, Scott still doesn't ask her out. Finally, with some prodding from Janey, Tori decides to throw a party at her condo in order to spend some time with Scott outside of work. But the carefully-planned party turns into a fiasco when a series of troublesome events--Pete brings some skanky girls, Sasan brings his annoying parents, Farrah Fawcett crashes--is capped by the revelation that Sasan's mother Touca is wearing something of Tori's that her mother Kiki auctioned of on eBay without her knowledge. Details
Whole So NoTORIous, Season 1 21:49 2006-04-02  $1.99  See Preview/Download
     After an embarrassing date at a comedy club where the comic started bashing her, Tori is convinced her new boyfriend Scott is weirded out by her. When she finally works up the nerve to talk to him about it, he tells her he's not weirded out at all because he's "whole." Wholeness is a group that has helped him a lot, and he encourages her to check it out. At first, Tori enjoys being a part of Wholeness, and even makes a failed attempt to "reach out" to her mother to get her to join. Her friends all find reasons to check it out well. But eventually Tori finds the rules of Wholeness too self-serving and hypocritical, and breaks off both with Wholeness and with Scott. Details

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