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The following Squeegees episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
Episodes 1-5 Squeegees, Season 1 23:03   $0.99  See Preview/Download
     "Day Care" - Gil secures a high rise assignment for the Squeegees only to have BC and Adam jeopardize the gig when an afternoon of fraternity boy antics and beer drinking leads to an incident with the day care tenants. "Shaved Ice" - Annie's shaved ice cart is contaminated when BC and Adam smash through a meeting on the 61st floor shattering glass into the shaved ice machine and giving their archrivals, The Machachi Brothers, the chance to move in. "Shrimp Alexander" - After being demoted to the low rise building across the street, the Squeegees happen upon an undercover sting operation and score a suitcase full of cash from the crime scene. What's a guy to do with found money, but waste it on toys and extravagances? "Sex Sells" - Marketing 101. BC "sexes-up" Gil's ad campaign and the boys discover a hidden talent. "Showdown" - A good ol' fashion wash-off: Machachis vs. the Squeegees. Whoever loses this battle loses their job. Details
Episodes 6-10 Squeegees, Season 1 27:18   $0.99  See Preview/Download
     "Night Dangling" - BC swoops in on Adam's girl while Ronny p**ses off the window washing gods. "Free Lilly" - Torrential rains cause business to dry up and the Squeegees land a gig cleaning tanks at the municipal aquarium. Things get slippery when they spring loose a lovable dolphin named Lilly. "Accidents Happen: Part 1" - Adam and BC get tangled up in a mile-high melee that leaves one of them hanging on for dear life. "Accidents Happen: Part 2" - After losing Adam, the Squeegees are down in the dumps, which is exactly where they find his replacement: a chatty vagabond named Reggie. "Doody Calls" - The city finds itself in the eye of a real sh*tstorm. They need help. They need— the Squeegees! Details

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