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The following Star Blazers episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
Part I Star Blazers, Season 1 1:38:11   $3.99  See Preview/Download
     The epic SF adventure that created a generation of anime fans begins here, with the first 5 episodes of the first Star Blazers series! Planet Earth is counting down its final days, suffering from the deadly radiation of Gamilon Planet Bombs. From the depths of space, a message of hope arrives from Queen Starsha of Iscandar, who offers the Cosmo DNA which can cleanse Earth of its radioactive pollution and save humanity. But Iscandar is 148,000 light years away, farther than any human has ever travelled. Struggling against time, the people of Earth rebuild the ancient battleship Yamato into the mightiest space vessel ever seen. The Star Force is assembled to make the journey, and the future of Earth itself is in their hands! These opening episodes follow the Star Force from their explosive liftoff through their first deadly space warp and the inaugural roar of the Wave Motion Gun. The sinister Gamilons are arrayed to stop them at every turn...and the danger increases with every light year! Details
Part II Star Blazers, Season 1 1:33:15   $3.99  See Preview/Download
     Relentless planet bombing from outer space forces Earth's survivors to live underground-if they want to live at all. When the deadly radiation starts penetrating their subterranean cities, Space Cruiser Argo is launched on a 148,000 light year quest for the planet Iscandar. The legendary ship's mission is to return with technology that will neutralize the contamination. An elite force of Star Blazers has only one earth year to do it. During this intergalactic race against time they engage in spectacular space battles with Gamilon fleets from another galaxy, now based on Pluto. In addition to the overwhelming odds and superior destructive power of the invaders, the Argo's other enemy is deep space itself. In this classic adventure, the ship's doctor is able to keep the captain alive, although he grows weak from radiation poisoning. The Star Blazers discover that one of their force is a cyborg. They are also surprised to learn that their robot has a sense of humor. Two friends resolve a bitter feud. One falls in love. And the biggest surprise is sprung when the surviving crew members see who greets them when they get to Iscandar. Details
Part III Star Blazers, Season 1 1:21:26   $3.99  See Preview/Download
     No sooner has the Star Force said its sad farewells to Earth than they are plunged into the unknown perils of deep space! The Argo continues its desperate mission to Iscandar as Emperor Desslok and his Gamilon commanders place sinister traps in her path. No ship from Earth has ever faced such odds, and no fledging crew has ever had to work harder to beat them. But the greatest unknown danger is the fury in a young man's heart, as Derek Wildstar learns when he comes face-to-face with the first Gamilon soldier ever seen by human eyes! Details
Part IV Star Blazers, Season 1 1:22:50   $3.99  See Preview/Download
     As the Star Force is about to learn, the vast emptiness of outer space can be deceptive. The 148,000 light years between Earth and Planet Iscandar teems with dangers no human being has faced-or even imagined-before now! But beyond this lies even greater peril when Desslok, the leader of the cruel Gamilons, sends his deadliest Commander, General Lysis, to deal with the Star Force personally! Add to this the emotional tug of war that is part of daily living on-board the Space Battleship Argo, and you have a mixture for one of the most dramatic stories ever told! Details
Part V Star Blazers, Season 1 1:20:28   $3.99  See Preview/Download
     Every day of the Star Force's journey brings them closer to Planet Balan, the halfway point on their long journey to Iscandar—and the home of a strategic Gamilon base commanded by the fearsome General Lysis! As the distance from Earth increases, so does the urge for some to return, despite the urgent need to obtain the Cosmo DNA machine that will cleanse the Earth of its radioactive poisons. But Lysis is preparing a master plan that will stop the Argo cold-and end all of their cares forever! Details
Part VI Star Blazers, Season 1 1:42:05   $3.99  See Preview/Download
     One by one, all the elaborate plans of General Lysis have been defeated by the sheer guts and ingenuity of the Star Force. Now they are in the homestretch of their long and desperate mission to Iscandar, to retrieve the Cosmo DNA machine from Queen Starsha. But General Lysis and the combined might of the Gamilon war fleet stand in their way, and beyond them lies the awesome might of Desslok and the Planet Gamilon. Soon the Argo's journey will be way or the other! Details

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