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The following Sunset Tan episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

Episode Title Show Duration Release Date Price Download Episode
30 Is the New 20 Sunset Tan, Season 2 20:55   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Erin struggles with turning 30. Jeff and Devin give Janelle an ultimatum. Nick and Ania decide to move in together. Details
All Work, No Play Sunset Tan, Season 1 21:16   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     It gets ugly between Erin and Janelle, while Nick stresses out over the job and his lady. Details
Employees Gone Wild! Sunset Tan, Season 1 20:58   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The Ollys have a serious sit-down with their bosses, while Ania discovers a devastating secret about Nick. Details
Guess Who's Coming to Sunset Tan? Sunset Tan, Season 1 21:08   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The Olly Girls and Ania go at it and an ex-Playmate comes in to get some color. Details
He Said/She Said Sunset Tan, Season 2 20:52   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Janelle prepares to leave for Las Vegas. Nick confronts Keely about remarks she made about his sexuality. Details
Horse Play Sunset Tan, Season 2 21:08   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tragedy strikes when a staffer takes a tumble at the ranch. Keely competes with a new girl to head up a new division. Details
Life's a Beach Sunset Tan, Season 2 21:17   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     There's trouble in paradise when Nick and Ania move in together. Holly and Molly battle over a boy. Details
Meet the Parent Sunset Tan, Season 2 21:05   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Nick's plan to win Ania back backfires. The Ollys want to return to Sunset Tan. Details
Miss Sunset Tan Sunset Tan, Season 1 21:01   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     With the Vegas salon opening soon, casting occurs for Miss Sunset Tan and Keeley is frustrated with Roxanne's managerial skills. Details
New Kid on the Block Sunset Tan, Season 1 19:25   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Things heat up at Sunset Tan as Nick's girlfriend joins the staff and Janelle puts her job in jeopardy. Details
Oklahoma! Sunset Tan, Season 1 20:22   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Erin visits her family in Oklahoma, meanwhile the Mystic Tan machine breaks, costing Nick a lot of money in commissions. Details
Olly's Follies Sunset Tan, Season 1 21:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Competition between the managers heats up as Jeff and Devin take everyone to Vegas to see who is the best fit. Details
Relationship Woes Sunset Tan, Season 1 20:22   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Nick and Ania's relationship is on the rocks, while a new girl poses a threat to the Sunset Tan staff. Details
Summer Lovin' Sunset Tan, Season 2 26:05   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The Ollys go job hunting. Nick is heartbroken when he learns Ania has moved on. Details
The Big Grand Opening Sunset Tan, Season 2 21:03   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The team heads to Vegas for the opening of the new salon. Nick is asked to take anger management classes. Details
The Reveal Sunset Tan, Season 1 21:02   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Miss Sunset Tan is revealed along with the new Vegas manager; Erin decides if she will stay in LA and Nick decides if he will stay at Sunset Tan. Details
Vegas, Baby Sunset Tan, Season 1 21:06   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Nick may be the top salesman in L.A., but Vegas proves to be an entirely different beast. Details
Welcome to Sunset Tan Sunset Tan, Season 1 21:17   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Erin tries to acclimate to a different lifestyle and Nick is frustrated with the regional manager. Details
While the Cat's Away... Sunset Tan, Season 1 21:05   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The Ollys throw a big bash at their boss' posh pad, while Jeff and Devin check up on the new Sin City salon. Details
World Tanning Convention Sunset Tan, Season 2 21:00   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Tensions boil over when the Ollys return. The team heads to Nashville for the World Tanning Convention. Details

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