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The following True Hauntings episodes are available for legal download from the iTunes Music Store:

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Haunted Houses True Hauntings 1:34:25   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     A bewitching look at haunted houses and ghost stories. Includes a visit to Louisiana's Myrtle Plantation, known as America's most haunted house, and The Joshua Ward House in Massachusetts, where a sheriff's curse can be traced back to the Salem witch trials. Details
More Haunted Houses True Hauntings 1:30:01   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Delve into the dark side of famous American folk tales, exposing the horror at the root of these enduring mysteries. In this two-hour special, we visit five Haunted Houses, including the Donnelly Farm in Lucan, Ontario, once the blood soaked site of a massacre. Here an Irish immigrant family was burned alive when fear and ignorance led to revenge. Descendants of vigilantes who killed them are still haunted by what they did. Also, 170 years ago, illicit love flourished in the house on Rue Royale, New Orleans. Inside, a rich white man and a poor black woman fought odds to be together. Misunderstanding led to death, and today the young mistress is said to still haunt this place, trying to recapture her forbidden love. Details
Poltergeist True Hauntings 46:18   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Poltergeist. The very word conjures up images of satanic demons, vengeful ghosts and mischievous spirits. People have related tales of spirits moving objects and communicating messages for thousands of years. But what exactly is a poltergeist? Is it a ghost, the restless spirit of someone who dies an untimely death? Or is it the manifestation of the psychic energy of a living person? Those who have encountered poltergeists firsthand find the answers elusive and the questions haunting. This provocative episode of A&E's "The Unexplained" offers an intimate look at four poltergeist outbreaks in the United States and England, presenting a wide array of paranormal encounters experienced by people from all walks of life. From a quaint New England Inn to a Kentucky honky tonk, from a remote farm in Oregon to universities in the United Kingdom, "Poltergeist" takes the viewer on a journey around the world and into the minds of people who have seen poltergeists firsthand and those who are trying to uncover the truth behind these mysterious physical manifestations of unknown origin. Poltergeists are actual physical events, and their existence is indisputable. It is the origin and nature of this energy which is in question. Is it possible that we do not yet understand the capabilities of our own untapped energies? As psychics and scientists alike grapple with the mystery of poltergeists, the real answers may lie hidden in the recesses of the minds of those who have met them. Details
Zombies True Hauntings 43:45   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Are zombies real? An entire religion includes zombies as part of its belief system. Some authorities claim there is scientific evidence to substantiate their existence. Many others -- scientists, clergy and lay people -- simply dismiss zombies as legend. For most, zombies are a frightening phenomenon that remains unexplained. Details

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