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Abductions UFO Hunters, Season 1 43:52   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Alien abduction is a common and highly documented phenomenon; proof of alien abduction in the form of objects implanted in people's bodies is not. This episode chronicles several close encounters with alien abductees who have been held captive, probed, examined and had objects implanted in their bodies. For the first time, viewers can observe surgery that removed an alien implant from an abductee's body. With the help of accredited doctors and scientists, the team will examine this object and if possible, determine its origin and composition to reveal just exactly what happened. Details
Alien Contact UFO Hunters, Season 1 43:05   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     For years, people have claimed to have had direct, personal contact with an alien. In this episode of our series, the team tracks down several people who claim to have had such contact. They'll also work along side medical and scientific professionals to try and discover what, if anything, really happed to these people. Details
Alien Crashes UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:18   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In the early morning hours of May 14, 2008, witnesses in Needles, CA saw a turquoise glowing object in a rapid descent over the Colorado River. Soon after, military helicopters carried away an object that appeared to be glowing, and military personnel canvassed the town, intimidating witnesses and townspeople. But cover-ups of strange crashes are nothing new--from Flatwoods, West Virginia to Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, reports of UFO clean-ups are rampant. The team visits the site of the most current UFO crash in the world to search for signs of what the government keeps trying to hide. Details
Alien Fallout UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:19   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     On December 29, 1980, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum took a drive that would soon become a life-changing nightmare. At approximately 9PM, driving through the Piney Woods of Texas, they observed a huge diamond-shaped object flying low above the isolated road, expelling flame and emitting significant heat. That night, all three experienced horrible physical symptoms--nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and burning sensations all over their bodies. Betty Cash's symptoms soon worsened, and a few days later, she was sent to the emergency room, unable to walk, and losing large patches of skin and clumps of hair. The team re-opens this and other famous cases of alleged "alien effects" to determine if UFOs are leaving behind more than just sightings. Details
Aliens at the Airport UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:20   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     There are approximately 30,000 commercial flights in the United States every day, and as the number of flights increase, so does the proximity of UFO encounters. On November 7, 2006, a strange object hovered for ten minutes over Gate C17 at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago before rapidly ascending into the sky. On October 23, 2004, in Osaka, Japan, a UFO was spotted tailing Japanese Airlines flight 1512 as it came in for a landing. Are UFOs following our own commercial aircraft and surveying our airports? The team sifts through the evidence of these and other mysterious cases to determine if UFOs have a peaceful or malevolent agenda. Details
Area 51 Revealed UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:19   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     On October 26, 1994, the U.S. government made their first official acknowledgement of Area 51. Six months later, nearly 4,000 acres of previously public land surrounding the base were closed. Now, over a decade later, satellite photos reveal new buildings, towers and runways finishing construction. Secret flights with blacked-out windows bring passengers from Las Vegas. And security surrounding the perimeter of the base is tighter than ever. The team heads to the epicenter of UFO and military conspiracy theories to visit new vantage points, speak with former base employees, and search the skies above America's most top-secret facility. Details
Arizona Lights UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:21   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     On April 21st, 2008, one of the most talked-about incidents in modern UFO history opened a new chapter - the Phoenix Lights. At approximately 8:00 PM, several residents reported seeing a formation of four lights that reminded them of the group of floating lights that appeared above Phoenix, Arizona on March 13, 1997. But few realize there was another event reported state-wide during that original evening - a huge triangular object observed by witnesses from the Nevada-Arizona border to as far south as Tucson. James Fox, the filmmaker behind the seminal UFO documentary, Out of the Blue, joins the team as they travel to Phoenix to re-open one of the most reported incidents in UFO history... and find out if the lights have returned. Details
Code Red UFO Hunters, Season 1 39:23   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     An actual UFO Military Alert took place at Edwards Air Force Base in California on the night of October 7, 1965. Watch as the team uses declassified control tower tapes and an interview with the soldier manning the tower, to tell the events of that night. Sgt. Chuck Sorrels describes 12 objects that appeared not only on radar at Edwards, but at several other military bases as well. An F-106 Delta Dart Interceptor was sent up after the 12 luminous UFOs, which easily outdistanced the F-106 at 40,000 foot altitude. Listen as former test pilot George Merrett reveals what he saw that evening in the skies above the United States' premier air test facility. Details
Cops vs. UFOs UFO Hunters, Season 1 44:20   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     UFOs sightings are more common among police offices than you might believe and many have witnessed things they can't explain. Travel the U.S. and abroad to hear first hand accounts from seasoned, decorated police officers who have had unbelievable, but substantiated UFO encounters. Follow a team from UFO Magazine as they open their files and investigate UFO cases around the world. Details
Crash and Retrieval UFO Hunters, Season 1 44:20   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In 1947 an unknown object approaching US air space at great speed and a civilian craft out of El Paso were heading towards each other when they disappeared from radar. At the crash site near Coyame, the Mexican government beat the U.S. to the scene and loaded the wrecked UFO onto a flatbed truck. When the U.S. military arrived the Mexican convoy was found ambushed and the military personnel killed. The UFO craft was taken by the U.S. military to an unknown location. Our team goes to Mexico in search of the plane crash site where they hope to recover evidence. Then in August of 2007, in the Mexican towns of Ciudad de Valles and Xilitla, reports of "a silver object falling from the sky," and "a fireball coming down over a tree," were called into the Center for Control. Our team will interview the witnesses who have collected evidence, including an officer who risked his career to tell the story, and visit sites where the area has been burned. Details
First Contact UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:19   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     On April 19, 1897, the Dallas Morning News reported a mysterious airship had crashed into a windmill in the nearby town of Aurora, Texas. Townspeople were said to have found an alien body and buried it in the local graveyard; the crash debris was dumped into a local well. More than 40 years later, the ranch owners were reporting skin lesions and crippling rheumatoid arthritis, which they attributed to tainted well water. The well was sealed over and forgotten. Now, more than a century after the event, the team will reopen the well, and search for the legendary grave, as they attempt to solve one of the earliest UFO cases ever recorded. Details
Giant UFOs UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:19   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Pilots and passengers from different airlines have close encounters of enormous proportions... On January 28th 1994, an Air France pilot, his crew and passengers witnessed a brightly-glowing red and brown disc-shaped object while flying to London. Estimates of the disc's size were between 800 and 1,000 feet long...more than 3 times the size of a 747. On April 25th 2007, the captain of a passenger plane crossing the English Channel observed two bright-yellow flat objects for more than 15 minutes. He is astounded by their size - which he claims could have been as much as a mile wide. A pilot from a separate aircraft corroborated the story. The team takes to the skies to probe some of the largest UFO sightings ever recorded. Details
Heartland Explosion UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:30   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Late in the evening of April 16th, 2008, the tiny town of Kokomo, Indiana was rocked by an ear-piercing, high decibel boom. Houses shook. Thousands of panicked citizens called 911. Police, firefighters and Homeland Security showed up to investigate. Witnesses claimed to see strange orange balls of light in the sky attached to something they couldn't identify. Just months earlier, in nearby Denver, Indiana, a terrified mother and son filmed lights they'd never seen before. The team heads to the heartland to unravel the clues behind the strange booms and menacing lights over the skies of Indiana, one of the most current UFO sightings in America. Details
Invasion 2008 Texas UFO Hunters, Season 1 44:22   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     The UFO Hunters are hot on the trail of a case that just happened, one that had the whole country talking just weeks ago. In December 2007, people begin seeing UFOs in the skies ninety miles from Dallas, Texas. Within a month, the reports had increased ten-fold. The UFO Hunters travel to Stephenville, Texas to investigate the strange lights in the sky. They meet witnesses never interviewed for TV, analyze strange footage shot by people all over Texas, and come to an incredible conclusion. Be triangulating reports using line of site data, they determine that these eyewitnesses definitely saw something strange, but what? It's a case so fresh it's still happening. Details
Invasion: Illinois UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:10   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     On August 21st, 2004, people driving home from an Ozzy Osbourne concert in Tinley Park, Illinois, reported seeing a large triangular UFO with three bright red lights. Two months later, on Halloween night, hundreds of eyewitnesses reported seeing a similar UFO. By the time the lights returned again the following year, the mountain of evidence was overwhelming--videos, eyewitnesses, and news coverage were everywhere. The team tackles this incredible contemporary UFO case, and searches for what's responsible for the mass sightings in a small Chicago suburb. Details
Lost UFO Files UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:20   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In the early 1950's, James McDonald, a senior physicist at the University of Arizona, changed the entire course of UFO research. For nearly 20 years he examined UFO reports in great detail - interviewing over 500 witnesses, uncovering important government documents, and testifying before Congress in 1968. He challenged skeptics, performed scientific analysis, and led the charge for UFOs to be properly studied. After his tragic death in 1971, his investigations and files were sent to the University archives, where they lay dormant...until now. The team brings these lost UFO files back into the public eye for the first time on television, and looks at evidence long thought lost to history. Details
Military vs. UFOs UFO Hunters, Season 1 44:19   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In 1956, an object was detected over the North Sea heading toward Bentwaters RAF base--a base with nuclear weapons. Two Venom fighters made contact with the object, but their weapons and electrical systems were rendered useless. Both ground crew and base radar witnessed the event. In January 1980, British and American soldiers stationed at NATO/RAF bases near Rendlesham Forest observed a mysterious object in the sky. Listen to a dramatic audio recording of the event made by USAF Colonel Charles Halt. Was there a cover-up about these events involving the military and intelligence agencies? Former British Minister of Defense spokesman Nick Pope will provide the British government's response. Hear eyewitness accounts and see footage that has never been seen on television that piece together compelling evidence of UFO phenomena. Details
Reverse Engineering UFO Hunters, Season 1 42:20   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Reverse engineering is a common practice used by private industry and the government as a means to keep up with or surpass the competition. Has the US military derived various forms of technology, including stealth technology, from downed UFO's? Are we competing with extra-terrestrial beings using their downed craft as the genesis for advances in modern technology? Follow a team from UFO magazine as they investigate the possibility that the technology providing us with fiber optics, night vision and the microchip, just to name a few, were derived from wreckage obtained from Roswell and other UFO crash sites. Details
The NASA Files UFO Hunters, Season 1 44:20   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     UFO sightings in space are not exclusive to NASA; in fact, the Soviet space program has its share of sightings as well. Watch as the team analyzes incredible NASA footage of reported UFOs and alien presence. Listen to interviews with the experts, including Apollo astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, and former NASA contractor, Donna Hare, who witnessed NASA employee's air brushing UFOs out of space photos. Included are the Russian MIR footage, Gemini 11 photos, various audio transmissions between astronauts and Mission Control, and the woman who took NASA to court over the alleged 1965 UFO crash in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Details
The Real Roswell UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:15   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     On July 8, 1947 at 5:26 EDT, an Associated Press news wire announced that soldiers from Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico recovered a "flying disk" from a nearby rancher's property. The tiny town of Roswell has never been the same. Now, 61 years later, new theories, new witnesses, and new evidence have emerged. The most shocking lead is that there may have been a second crash, and if it can be found, it may finally reveal what really happened at Roswell. Details
The UFO Before Roswell UFO Hunters, Season 1 43:30   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     Six "doughnut-shaped aircraft" were spotted off the coast of Maury Island, WA one week before the reported UFO crash in Roswell, NM. Harold Dahl and his son witnessed the aircraft dancing in unknown form and one spewing white-hot fragments over the water and beach. The falling debris killed Dahl's dog. The military was informed and two Air Force intelligence officers arrived in Tacoma, conducted interviews and collected the remaining wreckage. The officers departed from McCord Field but their plane lost communication and crashed near the town of Kelso. Now our team has located the crash scene and together with an archeologist, will scour the debris field and analyze the evidence. Details
UFO Dogfights UFO Hunters, Season 1 44:22   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     On May 9, 1980, at the Mariano Melgar air base in Peru, radar picked up a UFO at the end of the runway and at a height of 1,800 feet. One of the air base's fighter pilots took off to intercept the object, engaging in an aerial game of chicken with the unknown object for over 18 minutes until lack of fuel caused him to return to the base. The team examines a declassified US Department of Defense report which analyzed this encounter, and interviews the pilot to get his complete story. And, on September 19, 1976, a UFO was seen by witnesses and picked up on radar above the skies of Teheran, Iran. The Iranian Air Force scrambled two F-4 Phantom jets. General Parviz Jafari, squadron leader and one of the F-4 pilots involved in the incident, explains how he pursued the object, got a radar lock and as he prepared to fire his AIM 9 missiles, something from the object shot out and disabled his weapons system, his compass and his radio. Details
UFO Emergency UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:19   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     During the year 1994, numerous residents of both Michigan and Ohio made calls to 911 reporting UFO sightings. Local police responding to these calls remarked that they were pursuing objects that were "out of this world." A radar operator working that night in 1994 for the National Weather Service claimed that his radar picked up unidentified objects. On January 5, 2000, a truck driver in Highland, Illinois reported seeing an enormous object that is later tracked by five different witnesses across four towns. Listen to the actual tapes of conversations between police and dispatchers as police report seeing UFOs and examine how the authorities react when UFO emergencies grip the public. Details
UFO Storm UFO Hunters, Season 2 44:20   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In May of 2008, the UK's Ministry of Defense made decades' worth of classified files on UFOs freely available to the public. One month later, UFO hysteria ripped through the country. In June, a police helicopter crew spotted unusual aircraft in Wales. South Wales Police confirmed the sighting and reported it to the Ministry of Defense. Numerous witnesses and videos poured into Britain's top newspapers of more sightings - UFO madness had come to the UK. Former MOD investigator Nick Pope joins the team in solving the most exciting and recent UFO sightings in the world. Details
UFO Vortexes UFO Hunters, Season 1 44:20   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     More than 7,000 UFO sightings have been reported in the Hudson Valley area of upstate New York. Is this area home to one of the many extra-terrestrial gateways that are believed to be spread all over the world? Theories behind gateways vary from being used to travel between time and space to being the link between dimensions. Then our team explores the deserts of Arizona where locals lead them to another gateway just outside of mystical Sedona. The team's access to UFO evidence is unparalleled and their expertise allows them to quickly identify bogus claims of UFOs as well as piece together compelling evidence of UFO phenomena. Details
USOs UFO Hunters, Season 1 43:12   $1.99  See Preview/Download
     In 1990 a pilot flying his small plane off Catalina Island spotted an object just below the surface of the water which enveloped his plane with a bright light, freezing his controls. His next recollection was waking in the hospital with NTSB and LA County Sheriff personnel. His cousin was killed in the crash. Our team will use high-tech sidescan sonar and deep sea magnetometers to search and dive for the wreck and analyze the evidence. Eyewitness accounts, scientific experimentation, documents recently released through the Freedom of Information Act and footage that has never been seen on television is used to piece together compelling evidence of UFO phenomena. Details

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